PAX Pair of sliding door frames & rail, aluminum, 59x79 1/8 "
Article Number802.224.17

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10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.Sliding doors allow more room for furniture because they don’t take any space to open.Two people are needed to assemble this furniture.To be completed with panels for sliding door frame.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Aluminum, Anodized
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • PAXPair of sliding door frames & railArticle Number:802.224.17
    Width: 9 ¾ "Height: 3 ¼ "Length: 79 ¼ "Weight: 33 lb 8 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

59 "
79 1/8 "
Built-in depth: 
3 1/8 "
7/8 "


Too long in assembling it.VIJAYSHANKARQuality is good, but too much work to assemble it3
Works GreatStureFairly easy to put together5
Great Featureazúcar7777I am so happy with this product, it is beautiful.5
Wrong instructions!jackie027The sliding door is fine and looks decent but the instruction of installing the outside door before the inside is plain wrong. It is A LOT easier to install the inside slider before. Also, the instruction for installing end caps of the bottom rail is reversed. Another complain about the last few steps to install covers. The double sided tapes does not stick well to the sliding door top.3
Great features!Rudy33I bought it last month. It such a beautiful glass sliding doors closet. Classic looking & great storage spaces for 13/ 3/4” slim body. Me & my wife loves it so much & the following week. I ordered another set. Great buy!5
LOVE the look but not easy.collins6I consider myself a very good IKEA builder having history over twenty years. This door was tough though. Extra pieces that were confusing because not in diagrams. Even though I assembled correctly (after a few undo's and redo's), the glide is not quite as nice as I expected. They do work but don't let adolescents in a rush use them. (Were the doors in the IKEA showroom are an older version of this product?)1
Nice item, but always download latest instructionsED SCII usually do, but forgot for these items, ALWAYS download the latest PDF instructions from the IKEA web site. My package had version 2 and the website had version 5. No biggie4
27 bolts are missingAjcookIt it had all parts great2
UMIdsMy favorite wardrobe! Excellent design5
Great product but difficult to assembleDraperbartMy wife saw this in the store and wanted it. No big deal. I had already purchased several major Ikea cabinet systems. First, the case is not nearly as solid and sturdy as the cabinet systems. Which was a concern. Then we got to the rails. And the instructions. Holy cow. My wife watched and laughed that surely Ikea cannot except normal people to do this. Just be ready to spend some serious time. And do not take the instructions too seriously. But we are very happy with the result.5
BeautifulStenomomLoving these doors. Perfect compliment to the rest of my room!5
Yes -- DIY is possibleRedhead16My husband and I bought the 78-3/4 Pax wardrobe with sliding doors (1 mirror/1beige). We've put many Ikea products together over the years, but this was by far our most ambitious project. We are not super handy people, and I must admit that it was pretty intimidating pulling out all of the components and reviewing the instructions, but we decided to give it a try. Taking our time and carefully following the instructions -- and watching a few Youtube how-to's -- it took a total of about 8 hours (over the course of a few days) for us to put the whole thing together. We installed two hanging bars, the pants slider, two shoe sliders, four drawers, and a pull out accessory tray. It looks fantastic and is beautifully functional. Well worth the effort.5
If the frame isn’t bent they are beautiful!HotMessMomof7Long story short. We bought 3 months ago, still only have 1 door on...... somehow the STL store lost 14 sets of mirrors sobwe couldn’t assemble the doors until those came in. Finally a month later we get the mirrors in and assemble the doors, 1st door we break the bottom mirror, I assume the husband just pushed to hard and figure try again, finish up the second door without any issues whatsoever. Week goes by we finally have time to get back to ikea and buy another pack of mirrors, attempt to assemble the door again and it breaks in exactly the same spot as the previous attempt. If you look really close at the frame you can see it has a small bend in itz which makes it hard for the corner L brackets to go in and adds pressure to the mirror thus breaking it. We are buying another set of frames, bringing them home putting the door together and then returning the bent frame and broken mirror. It’s been a headache to say the least! And I love putting together ikea furniture. We have pax systems everywhere in our home and our basement bar is ikea cabinets!2
The assembly is hard, but they look goodigorjrrBe prepared if you are doing it yourself. Very hard to put together since there are 4 individual panels, and they did not make it easy to just install them. Just touching a little makes all panels to unlock and you have to re-do everything, and it's heavy.3
Great Mirrored doorBeezey44This is a beautiful, functional and practical door. It has many steps to the assembly so be in a patient frame of mind with plenty of space to assemble this. When it is all put together, get a second person to help put it on the sliding hinges. I would rate this as one of the more complicated assembly projects I have tackled, and I have tackled many, but it well worth it. It is exactly the item we needed for the space.5
Super QualityCarlsbaSamSuper easy to assemble and a high quality product!5
Exactly what I needMaeloI am very happy with my purchase and the installers.5
Sell just one of these doors as a choiceEd AlWould be great if you can sell just one door Barn door style is very popular now and that is how I used these doors I have one spar door now and I have to store it somewhere. Would have rather payed a little less and just buy one door. The door looks terrific Thank you Edwin5
NitznutzVery happy with this product!!5

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Pair of sliding door frames & rail, aluminum59x79 1/8 "

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PAX Pair of sliding door frames & rail, aluminum, 59x79 1/8 "