PÅTÅR Espresso coffee beans, organic/UTZ certified/100 % Arabica beans
PÅTÅR Espresso coffee beans, organic/UTZ certified/100 % Arabica beans
PÅTÅR Espresso coffee beans, organic/UTZ certified/100 % Arabica beans

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A rich and intense dark coffee with notes of sweet fruits.Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and the planet.UTZ certified coffee: ensures sustainable farming standards and fair conditions for workers.You can easily check the origin of the coffee beans by visiting www.utz.org/IKEA.
  • All coffee served and sold in the IKEA store is organic and UTZ certified. This means better opportunities for coffee farmers, their families and our planet. Trace your coffee beans: www.utz.org/IKEA.
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Wonderful tasteRajasree DPleasantly surprised. It is so good. Very handsomely priced. Hopefully, IKEA won’t change anything about this product.5
Good deal.LMLRLove that they it is organic.4
Great tasting coffee works perfect in my espresso22 VOL RobinGreat tasting coffee works perfect in my espresso maker. Very rich nice flavor can’t beat the price5
good coffeeRusbowlerPretty decent coffee. Is it the best and the freshest coffee I've ever had? No. Not by a long shot. But, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, this is good stuff for the price.4
jupetteLove these espresso beans. They have a great taste , but are not dark roast / oily and therefore work so much better with our grinder and machine.5
Quality beans at a GREAT price!fueledbycoffeeWonderful beans that are 100x more palatable than the cheapest generic grocery store brand (and at a fraction of the cost)5
Excellent Flavor Awesome ValuenanygaardWe purchased a bag of this coffee because of it's price figuring that it would't be a great financial loss if it tasted badly. The taste was excellent! We regretted that hadn't purchased more at the time.5
espresso beanscolumbusannaWe use this in our super automatic coffee maker. Makes great espresso.4
good coffeeNanagoliI have been mixing this with PÅTÅR Espresso coffee to get the roasting level I like for the taste. I really like it.4
Good CoffeecocorooGood strong coffee. For the lovers of dark roast, give this a brew.5
Very nice nutty flavor!NelsleeThese beans exceeded my expectations. Much better and great price for organic. Great nutty flavor. The only downside is the bag bottom is too narrow to stand up in my cabinet, but that it not a huge deal.5
Surprising ResultsBobMI bought this coffee more on a lark and was pleased with what I found. Although the flavor was not as hearty as I would have expected in an espresso bean, it works quite well as a mid morning brew after you got your jolt from another blend at dawn. I'll keep this as an essential part of my daily choices.4
PATAR means SUBPARBobinmnI purchased several bags of PATAR Espresso coffee beans as my preference is for a dark roast espresso. My impulse purchase was based merely on a more than reasonable price. I found the brewed coffee less than satisfactory. Taste was not the robust espresso brew that I expected. So as not to waste the beans,I combined them with my regular espresso. I should have just discarded the product.2
PÅTÅR Espresso coffee beans, organic/UTZ certified/100 % Arabica beans

Coffee-loving Swedes bring you organic beans

Chances are you drink coffee on a regular basis. If you’re a Swede, it’s almost certain – Swedes are among the biggest consumers on the planet. So, it comes as no surprise that a Swedish company like IKEA is committed to offering good beans. But good beans it not just about taste. It’s about quality and sustainability, too. The trick is to get all of this right. With our PÅTÅR coffees, we believe we have.  Read More
All IKEA coffee beans are UTZ certified. “We have worked many years with UTZ coffee because it aligns with the IKEA Code of Conduct, IWAY,” says Henrik Ringdahl, an IKEA product developer who helped create the PÅTÅR coffees. "It takes good care of not only the coffee but also the growers and workers,” he explains. UTZ works with farmers to improve growing methods. This helps to lower costs and increase crop quality and yields. Workers earn a living wage and farmers increase their income.

Coffee that’s better for farmers and customers

But UTZ certification was just the beginning. “Building on UTZ we also wanted our beans to be organically grown, meaning without the use of fertilizers and pesticides,” says Jacqueline Macalister, responsible for health and sustainability at IKEA Food. “This means healthier soils and less impact on the climate. Also, farmers are paid more for organic crops. That way they improve their livelihood while at the same time they’re safeguarding the environment.”

Quality beans for a quality taste

Only 100% Arabica beans, the species widely considered top notch for taste, are used in IKEA coffee. Add that to an overall quality improvement of each bean and you get a tastier cup every time. PÅTÅR is Swedish for a second cup of coffee. Something we hope you and your friends will be happily asking for.
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Organic food production

We want to source food from more sustainable sources and make it available at affordable prices. Alongside agriculture that minimizes the use of chemical inputs, organic food production is one of the ways we can achieve this goal. The definitions of organic vary across countries, but the intention is the same – good environmental practices, like preserving soil health, biodiversity, and human and animal health. In the IKEA store, you will find several organic food options.

Check the origin of your coffee or chocolate

Traceability is one of the foundations on which the UTZ program is based. The ability to trace the origin of commodities provides reassurance that crops have been produced according to the standards and that buyers contribute to better farming. To check the origin and learn more about the plantations where the coffee or cacao beans in your IKEA coffee or chocolate bar were grown, visit www.utz.org/IKEA.

What makes a good cup of coffee?

Our PÅTÅR coffees are not only UTZ certified but organic too. Just like the coffee served in IKEA Restaurants and IKEA Bistros. The beans – 100 % Arabica – are provided by a vast amount of small-scale coffee farmers in countries like Mexico, Peru, and Honduras, then blended and roasted into the finest coffees ever found in an IKEA store. So stay in the moment with a PÅTÅR – a second cup of coffee – knowing that it is truly a good cup of coffee.

Espresso coffee beans, organic/UTZ certified/100 % Arabica beans

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PÅTÅR Espresso coffee beans, organic/UTZ certified/100 % Arabica beans


$3.99/ 0.551 lb