LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "
LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "
LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "
LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "

The chopping board collects food juice in the milled groove and prevents it from spilling on to your countertop.

Article Number003.098.29

Product details

The chopping board collects food juice in the milled groove and prevents it from spilling on to your countertop.Made of bamboo, which is an easy-care, durable natural material that is also gentle on your knives. You can also use the chopping board as a serving tray for food such as cheese or charcuterie.The weight provides a stable base for cutting.Wash this product before using it for the first time.
  • Bamboo, Oil
    Handwash only.
  • Renewable material (bamboo).
  • LÄMPLIGChopping boardArticle Number:003.098.29
    Width: 18 "Height: 1 ½ "Length: 20 ¾ "Weight: 7 lb 0 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

18 "
20 ¾ "
¾ "


Great cutting boardShunteI love that it fits over my sink and creates another work space in my small kitchen5
I purchased one of theseTheresaI purchased one of these a few years back and love it. It fits perfectly on my counter so I wanted another one to place over my sink. I was amazed the thickness was not the same it is more than 1/2" less than the one I already have.3
Great product for the price.FRANKGreat product for the price. Tends to warp if not dried properly.5
Not the same as it was.SuzanneI had a Lamplig that I purchased about 6 years ago. That one was made in Romania, it was much thicker and nicer looking. I really loved it. It held up for quite a long time. So when I purchased a new one, I thought it would be the same. While it’s okay, it’s not the same. It’s thinner, not as nice quality, not as nearly heavy duty as the first one. Disappointed but still keeping it.3
Perfect dimensions for all sinks!ERICAlmost 15 years ago I bought a similar one from IKEA and love it. Was thrilled to see it was still being made. Now made of bamboo not butcher block it is still great. And I like to see the sizing has been updated to fit perfectly on the counter over all current undersink mounted sinks and not bump into the faucets when lip is over counter edge.5
Excellent!VeronicaI had two. I bought two more.the only cutting board for pizza cinnamon rolls.5
Beautiful cutting board!IngridBeautiful cutting board!5
Large cutting boardCARMELAI love the size of this cutting board. It’s great for cutting, but I also use it for rolling out dough. The size is perfect.5
NiceWENLINGVery useful ,for make dumpling ,pancakes and something else.4
Great large cutting boardSaraI keep this out on my counter. I love the lip that keeps the board from sliding away from you. I have added small silicone grippy things to the bottom side to keep it extra stable. Very large and good quality yet not very expensive. I oil this every once in a while when it gets dry.5
Love, great size.StephanieLove, great size.5
Bought for PhotosJeannetteIt’s a great backdrop!5
Does the job. Just theJOANNEDoes the job. Just the right size.5
Chopping BoardSerdarBir enough , cheap , useful , professional.5
Like my first one soLoisLike my first one so much, I bought another for a different counter, and one for my son, as well.5
Love it!!!LINDASo durable and easy to clean.5
I love the sizeClaudiaI love the size5
Great cutting boardLINNEAThis is a great cutting board to have for large items, like watermelons, Turkey, etc. I have one in my home and 1 in my motorhome. I have also given 1 away to my other-in-law. I love this cutting board.5
ExcellentJesseGreat addition to our kitchen.5

Chopping board, bamboo18x20 ¾ "

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LÄMPLIG Chopping board, bamboo, 18x20 ¾ "