KNIPSA Basket, seagrass, 12 ½x13x12 ½ "
KNIPSA Basket, seagrass, 12 ½x13x12 ½ "
KNIPSA Basket, seagrass, 12 ½x13x12 ½ "
KNIPSA Basket, seagrass, 12 ½x13x12 ½ "
KNIPSA Basket, seagrass, 12 ½x13x12 ½ "
KNIPSA Basket, seagrass, 12 ½x13x12 ½ "

Seagrass is woven around a steel frame to create a sturdy and decorative basket. The natural material, with its soft color variations create a warm, rustic vibe. A perfect fit in KALLAX shelving.

Article Number201.105.40

Product details

Perfect for newspapers, photos or other memorabilia.Sea grass has natural color variations which makes every basket unique.The box fits perfectly in KALLAX shelf.Each basket is woven by hand and is therefore unique.All new materials have a particular smell which gradually disappears.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Seagrass, Clear acrylic lacquer, Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    The material can dry out and deteriorate if placed near a heat source.
  • By using a renewable material like sedge (or seagrass) in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.
  • KNIPSABasketArticle Number:201.105.40
    Width: 12 ½ "Height: 1 ½ "Length: 24 "Weight: 4 lb 9 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

12 ½ "
13 "
12 ½ "


Love itRosanaLove it5
KnipsaCHERYLI have so many of these cubes. I have them in my different bookcases I have them on the floor filled with whatever. They are very durable and look great, and I cannot say enough.5
Knipsa BasketANGELAHad one and liked, so bought 2 more.5
BasketsDeborahThis item was out of stock. I was willing to wait till you got them back in and so happy I did. The shipment came in. They went fast. Fantastic product.5
Boxes and BinsLorigreat quality, perfect fit in the standard cubes, just what i needed!5
PerfectJessicaThese storage boxes are top notch. They are really dress up my Kallax shelfs, they are sturdy, and are very easy to put together. Definitely recommend them.5
great box for cubbyTAIRAgreat box for cubby5
MehowTook quite a few days to get the smell to leave.5
Very sturdy!cszegThese baskets are very sturdy and are great for holding books, toys, etc. They are easy to put together and seem to hold up well. The color is a bit darker than I would like, which is the reason for the four stars.4
Sheds regularlyHello230Bits of fiber break off easily from low-impact, everyday use. Not ideal for kids’ rooms. Some pieces are thin and pointy and therefore feel like splinters. Also quite heavy for everyday use. They look nice but are not user friendly. Tried to resolve online with customer service but requirement to return back in the store (not close by) was too much of a hassle.1
BasketJudy2004sturdy but smelly. Would have chosen something else4
Nice, neutral, natural basketSwedishJROI was shopping at Ikea on my own. I was out of town at a city that had a store. I liked these baskets: they have a great handmade look. I stuck my face up to one and the smell was not so great, up close. On the phone (texting) my wife had laughed at me for that, and said she liked seagrass, so go ahead and get them. I purchased two. We use them to store nicknacks (tea lights, matches, cookbooks, travel water bottles, incense, etc.) in a few shelves of a Kallax 2x2 shelf that we use as a small bar. Since these are made of seagrass, they're not flimsy, but they are not meant for stuff like bowling balls or for packing full of heavy bottles and carrying them around. The smell that I mentioned isn't strong, while apparently it's not something some folks like. To me – I have a very sensitive sense of smell – you do not notice it in daily use. My wife likes the odor.4
LeinaniI bought this for my home in HI. Hoping to be there with mom’s ashes this fall or winter.4
kateeeeeeeeeeCall me weird but I love the smell of these beautiful reminds me of childhood summers on the farm, watching the cows eat hay4
Reviews are accurate...iimiaiiDoes smell (it’s sea grass) a little funny, does shed and make a mess, and can prob not withstand a lot of weight inside. Looks nice and made for light weight adults items. Wouldn’t say it was kid friendly. Trying to decide of I want to exchange for another one of the Kallax storage options .3
Smells really badAnnadaswedeI bought them a couple of months ago and they smell so BAD.1
Love the color and texture.Skippy14I bought the basket to tame video game controllers and cables on my entertainment center. Instead of a jumbled mess all is neatly contained with style!5
Awful smellAndreja81I wish I read the reviews before purchasing. The smell is terrible, unbearable. Every time I put them in the bedroom I get a headache. Right now they are at the garage and due to closure of the store I am unable to return them.1
StiltsHad a few already and needed some more5
BeautifulFlmarinerThis box is beautiful, sophisticated and spacious. I love the look of these in my kallax.5


What is sedge (or seagrass)?

Sedge (or seagrass) grows naturally in South-East Asian coastal areas. For our products, we mainly use cultivated sedge from field areas that have previously been flooded by the sea, making them unsuitable for rice cultivation. Sedge grows well in salty soils and even helps cleanse them. After harvest, the plant is left to dry in the sun making it a hardwearing fiber ideal for weaving or braiding products with beautiful color variations, like baskets and mats.

Basket, seagrass12 ½x13x12 ½ "

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KNIPSA Basket, seagrass, 12 ½x13x12 ½ "