KLADDIG Bib, multicolor
KLADDIG Bib, multicolor
KLADDIG Bib, multicolor
KLADDIG Bib, multicolor
KLADDIG Bib, multicolor

A remedy for kids that normally say “NO WAY!” to bibs! Soft, comfortable and easy to put on. The adjustable neck means years of protection against splashing food, clay, paint…

Article Number803.072.23

Product details

A soft bib that your child can wear comfortably for many years, thanks to the adjustable neck, practical hook-and-loop fastening and long sleeves with elastic.The front pocket catches all spills and is easy to clean, either with a quick rinse or by washing it in the machine.Keeps messes and moisture from the child's clothes since it’s made of polyester with synthetic rubber.Just as practical for meals as when it's time to play, paint, do crafts or bake.Made of safe materials and contains no substances, PVC or phthalates which can harm your child's skin or health. Complies with current safety requirements for plastic, which means that the plastic constantly undergoes rigorous tests.Easy to clean; machine wash, warm 104°F (40°C).Recommended for ages 0-18 months.Designer

Lisel Garsveden

  • Front side:100 % polyester (100% recycled)
    Machine wash warm, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • IKEA has banned the use of chlorine bleaching agents in the production of textiles and paper products due to the negative impact on the environment.IKEA has strict requirements for the use of phthalates in all our products, and we have totally banned them in children’s and food-contact products.Since 1996 IKEA has banned harmful dyes, e.g. azo dyes, in textile and leather production.We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.By using recycled polyester in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact while existing materials get new life.
  • KLADDIGBibArticle Number:803.072.23
    Width: 8 ¾ "Height: ¼ "Length: 13 "Weight: 2 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

15 "
12 "


Wish it was in ALL sizesSHARMELLALove this smock bib5
Bibs for twin granddaughters, soVICKIBibs for twin granddaughters, so they don't have to strip to eat.4
Great product, ugly colorSydneyOur son looks like an adorable ridiculous little clown baby, but it sure saves us a ton of cleanup time. Wish they’d have had a nice simple color but it works and was beautifully cheap5
RoxyHI bought this items a month ago and it’s what I need it for my baby and for the house. I got them within the time promised.5
Great product!JeannineGThis bib is soft and flexible. It works very well.5
Great!susi2Exactly what I needed! We use this when feeding our little one. Best bib ever. It could come in one size smaller though.5
Great BibLalix19Lets my messy eater get messy and so easy to clean up. Please add more patterns :)5
It covers my granddaughter"s clothes very well!VenetiaPWI love this bib! It is easy to clean off and it covers my adorable granddaughter's clothes very well. It seems to be pretty stain resitant as well.5
Best Bib EverLynngonberryThis bib is easy to clean (throw it in the washer), keeps my kiddo from getting messy, and the velcro doesn't catch on other things.5
Kladdig BibMiMi2020My son and daughter-in-law like this item. I got them two for your son.5
GreatRukimdThis is the only bib my daughter doesn't want to remove :)5
No more dirty clothesAngelicaPLove it. My baby can eat freely without get her clothes all dirty. It's a keeper. But we need more colors.5
Great for feeding a baby or toddlerThe grandmaThis works better than a bib since it covers the sleeves. Clothes stay clean. It is easy to wipe clean, but we have put it in the washing machine a few times with no problem. The plastic is soft and dries quickly.5
Runs Small on ToddlerHlpurThe general idea is great, but by the time one needs to upgrade to a sleeved bin as opposed to the regular, the child is no longer 9months old. Unfortunately the bib size was little on my 18 month old. Also, the hook and loop fastener wasn't very secure.2
Great designModsLove love it keeps my grand daughter clean!5
Love this bib/smockJaxJaxI have three young children and we have a drawer full of these bibs. They are worth every penny. They keep my kids clothes neat while eating or doing crafts. I highly recommend.5
Love the ideaseechappygoIt’s a great product idea! Only wish it came in bigger sizes. Bought two of these for my kids thinking one could be used as an art smock for my homeschooled three year old and it was sadly too small. So now we use them as food bibs for the one year old. Work great as food bibs though!4
For the messy eatersKai LI bought these bibs about a week ago and we use them at every meal. For a independent baby would is determined to feed himself and refuses to eat if we feed him this is a lifesaver. No longer do we have to worry about stripping down his clothes before and wiping him down completely afterwards. It protects his clothes and his body much better at such a good price. Similar long sleeve bibs at other stores were twice to three times the price of this bib. We have three and at the end of the day we just throw them all in the washing machine and they’re ready to go for the next day. Now if only we could have a matching shower cap....haha #nomorecrustyhair5
Thank the Inventor!Leah PraiseFinally a bib that lets the baby learn to eat, stay clean after eating for the parent on the go, and keep clothes clean and in good shape to pass on to siblings or children in need.5

Function solution

Soft, smart and practical

Soft against the skin, free of harmful substances and with an adjustable neck that allows you to securely fasten the bib. There’s also a pocket that catches spills. It’s is also easy to clean ‒ just rinse it under the tap or put it in the dishwasher. And when it's time for a trip, you roll or fold it up and put it in a bag. What more can you ask of a good bib?

Bib, multicolor

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KLADDIG Bib, multicolor