IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass, 10.6 qt
IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass, 10.6 qt
IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass, 10.6 qt
IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass, 10.6 qt
IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass, 10.6 qt
IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass, 10.6 qt

15-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

Article Number502.567.48

Product details

15-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.The glass lid allows you to monitor the contents of the pot during the cooking process. The graduated interior makes it easy to measure liquid directly in the pan.Thick base with one layer of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel. Gives an even and energy-efficient heat, which reduces the risk of food burning and sticking.Thanks to the smart design of the handles, you can stack the smaller pots in the larger ones from the same series. They take very little space, so you have room for other things in your cabinet.Suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction cooktops.The exterior is made of brushed steel which means that stains do not show as much as on a high-gloss surface.Steam vent reduces pressure so that food does not easily boil over.Made of stainless steel, which makes the pan durable and easy to clean.You can use the cookware in the oven, as it is made of metal and has a lid made of oven-safe glass.Using the lid brings the contents of the pot to a boil faster, so that you can save time, energy and money while lowering your environmental impact.STABIL splatter screen and lid dia. 11" fit.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer


Article Number502.567.48
  • Lid:Heat resistant glass
    Handle/ Cover/ Body:Stainless steel
    Dishwasher-safe.Suitable for use on gas cooktop.Suitable for use on induction cooktop.Suitable for use on ceramic glass cooktop.Suitable for use on electric cooktop.Oven-safe.
  • IKEA 365+Stock pot with lidArticle Number502.567.48
    Width: 11 ½ "Height: 8 ¼ "Length: 15 "Weight: 6 lb 14 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

7 "
11 "
10.6 qt


Love this pot!RANAI really love this pot. My food didn't stick! Love the glass lid too.5
Big pot for big jobsDD003Heats well on induction. Good pot for sous vide of bigger roasts and cuts.5
Excellent soup pot!Alison1009I found this pot after going to several stores and only finding over-priced, cheaply made products. I needed the pot to make soup and decided to check IKEA since they always have quality products for a good price. I am overjoyed with the quality of this pot for the price! I have used it twice so far and it’s perfect. It distributes heat evenly and is the perfect size for making a large batch of soup.5
linrey49I don't like the handles as they get very hot.4
ESK51This pot, which was on sale, will be so perfect, to cook many foods.5
Well madecpjanisThis pot is built to last. It evenly distributes the heat. It's also easy to clean up. I've purchased several sizes for a set.5
Soup to NutsMrscwoz47Perfect for soup! The nice heavy bottom was just what we were looking for.5
Love the stock pot. Just what I wanted.Shar61Yes, I cook from scratch. This pot has a heavy, flat bottom that works great with induction cook top. Purchased a larger size (7.5 qt) than my Le Creuset dutch oven since Le Creuset at that size is prohibitively expensive - $350+. This stock pot was on sale.5
TuneyGreat size for large recipes of chili, soups and stews. Amazing price!5
SjmccoolWorks well, great size and good price5
Excellent qualityCriceI bought one smaller pipe two years ago and was very excited to purchase this larger pot5
365+ stock potulalaSo far I only used it once and it worked very well on my induction range. The pot looked large when I got it home but I am finding out that it is a very good size for larger amounts of sauce, soup or even pasta boiling. I was actually looking for a non glass lid pot, but it will work fine and the handles did not get as hot as I feared.5
HRbearAwesome, heavy duty pan. Maintains heat very well.5
Love it!Cec716I needed a large stockpot and didn't want to spend too much money. Came across this one and have been very satisfied.5
May songGreat pot at so much less than other store no need to spend so much at other store5

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“The inspiration for IKEA 365+ cookware we found in both our own and other people’s everyday lives. Our idea was that the pots and pans should be simple and fun to use – the entire way, from the cooktop to the table, to the washing and back into the cabinet. The design is timeless and the quality is high, so you will both want and be able to use them every day for many years. Most of all, we hope they will inspire everyone to cook lots of good food."

Designers Henrik Preutz, Wiebke Braasch, Ola Wihlborg and Nike Karlsson

Function solution

The joy of cooking every day

IKEA 365+ cookware has several well thought-out details that will make you both want and able to use them every day. First and foremost, they work on all cooktops, including induction cooktops. The oven-proof glass lid with steam vents means that you can put the pots in the oven, see the food easier when you cook it and the minimize boil over. Stainless steel makes them easy to clean in the dishwasher and the handles have a smart design that allow you to stack the smaller pots in the larger ones.


What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is found in everything from building structures and cars to sinks and knives. It’s easy to see why it has so many uses. Stainless steel is hard and durable and has good resistance to corrosion – namely rust. It generally has a low nickel content, and for IKEA products we mainly use stainless steel that’s nickel-free. Like many other metals, it can be recycled again and again to become new, hardwearing things – without losing its valuable properties.

IKEA 365+
Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass10.6 qt

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IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, stainless steel/glass, 10.6 qt

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