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HESSTUN Eurotop mattress, medium firm/white,

Price $ 599.00
Bed linen sold separately.

10 year limited warranty

Product features
Thickness 12 5/8 "Pocket springs Foam Medium firm

How to get it

A mattress filled with well-being! Individually wrapped pocket springs, topped with a layer of mini pocket springs, cradle you in comfort. Add to this a thick layer of foam for enhanced support.

Article Number903.074.30

Product details

Double layers of individually wrapped pocket springs that follow your body exactly, topped with a generous foam layer. HESSTUN pocket spring mattress is a perfect combination of support and comfort.

High-resilience foam for great pressure-relieving capacity, improving blood circulation to muscles and skin and enabling you to fully relax.

Mini pocket springs contour to the natural curves of the body to create an enhanced comfort and a firmer sleep surface.

Response coils are individually wrapped to insulate movements so you don't disturb your bed partner.

A generous layer of soft filling adds support and comfort.

Stretch fabric on top of the mattress moves with you to maximize comfort.

Designed to be used on one side only – no need to turn.

The complete mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. You can read about the terms in the warranty booklet.


Synnöve Mork


Length: 74 3/8 "

Width: 53 1/8 "

Thickness: 12 5/8 "


The Best Mattress EverLindaThank You IKEA We love our bed before my back surgery I knew we needed a firmer mattress and we’re glad we found here at your store it really made my back feel better5
Great bedCurtisComfort every night!5
not good after few monthsJdTried this mattress in store, it was ok. It worked fine the first few months, however, now I can feel the coils digging in me, it sags in the middle and I wake up with back, hip, shoulder and neck pains. It has been 6 months since I purchased it. Need to determine what is my next course of action with Ikea. 90 days of trial isn't sufficient to find this is a defective product and poorly designed1
One of the worst mattresses I've ever purchasedJamesI've had my mattress for a little over a year and it's not very good at all. I wake up with lower back pain most mornings and depending on which side I sleep most on, pain in that shoulder and that hip. After recently staying at a hotel and visiting relatives and staying with them, I'm now in the market for a new mattress. It's quite noticeable to wake up in pain of some sort every day. It's not firm as expected and is actually softer than what I would consider to be a firm mattress.1
GreatVilmaAffordable & comfy!5
SAGS AFTER 5 MONTHSDanielI bought a HESSTUN medium/firm in July. It was a bit firm at first but after about a month it softened up. It's now December and suddenly my partner and I are having terrible upper back pain when we wake up in the morning. It sags in the middle and we roll into each other in the middle of the night. I've rotated the mattress to no avail. Neither of us are heavy people. IKEA is saying I can't exchange it since it's been more than 90 days. So $700 for a mattress that lasts 5 months? A total waste of time and money! The only reason I bought an IKEA mattress is because the last one I had lasted 10 years. The quality here has gone way down and I don't think I will be shopping at IKEA for anything anymore. 1
Finally a bed that doesn’t cause me painRyanI’ve had my hesstun medium firm bed for a year now and just realized how much it’s changed my sleeping life. Just getting over a cold, I slept for longer than normal and still had no back pain. I suffered for 20 years with back pain due to a terrible temper pedic mattress which not only caused back pain but major over heating. Not being able to afford a new mattress, I’ve resorted to sleeping on the carpeted floor which worked well. I then tried a tamati mattress, but it compressed too quickly. I paid a lot of money for that temper pedic mattress, so I was suspect at trusting sales people. After reading a ton of reviews, we decided to buy the hesstun medium firm. It’s been a year and it is such a great bed. No back pain and no overheating (Houston climate). I don’t usually leave reviews, but this bed definitely deserves one.5
ComfyErinWell made5
Sleeping on a cloud!JamesThis is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. The plush is so incredibly plush that it’s more like really deep memory foam or a giant pillow that happens to have springs. I’m a chef so I’m on my feet all day and typically have back soreness, not once since getting this mattress have I woken up with any pain. As I get older I hear more people express their desire for firm mattresses that aren’t difficult to get out of, this is not that. This mattress swallows you up into a spongey nest that you really won’t want to get out of. I did add a mattress protector (fitted sheet-style) bought elsewhere, the mattress itself with just a set of sheets covering seemed to make my spouse and me sleep very hot the first couple of nights. On day 3 we added the protector and it has been sweet dreams ever since. Before this bed we would both toss and turn throughout the night, waking the other each time we did, with the Hesstun we’re both sleeping smoother and neither notices when the other does move around.5
Dry happyAlexLove my mattress. Very comfortable . Only gripe is that on a tall bed you can’t really sit on the edge. The edge is to soft.5
Excelente AngelicaExcelente 5
Happy with purchaseMelindaI needed a new mattress and was shopping for a month comparing prices. I was prepared to pay about 1200 for a new one when I decided to go to IKEA store and check out their merchandise. Was pleasantly surprised with the prices and quality. With the great prices I was able to buy an entirely new bed as well. Delivery was a breeze and the person I hired to put the bed together was quick and efficient. Altogether a pleasant buying experience. Love the mattress. It's cool. Love that it has handles which comes in handy when making the bed.5
Good Mattress very comfortable.AbhaGood Mattress very comfortable. a Bit pricey but did not mind paying for the comfort label it provides.5
Poor Quality Over TimeAxelAfter six months the firm mattress is notably not firm anymore. There is an expectation that mattresses will get softer over time, but this has happened far too fast. It has gotten soft to the point it now causes two people back pain and IKEA's new mattress exchange-only policy offers no recourse. Avoid this mattress if you are seeking a firm mattress and shop at a store that has a return or exchange policy that at least aligns with the rest of the industry,1
Sure enough, it had large creases and bumps and such within 30 days!CraigWe have bought about 4 other IKEA Mattresses - and liked them. None of them were "Euro or Pillow Top" tho. My wife, of course, tried all at the store and we got the most expensive one ($1K w/delivery). The Mattress was NOT mishandled on Deliver - it's a few feet from our front door to the mattress platform. The Mattress immediately started to have creases and bumps - as described in some other reviews. It's hard to imagine how this unit passes IKEA's tests - since a 170 lb person creates hills and valleys almost immediately. The bumps (hills, valleys) are mostly on my side - but not due to me! It seemed to be that area of the Mattress was loose from Day One. We are well within the 90 Days but my Wife does not believe that the design is defective -she thinks if we exchange for Same, all will be OK. It won't be!1
Best Mattress we've ever purchased!CatrinaWe wanted to wait several months before we left a review to ensure an accurate assessment of the mattress. Having had futon mattresses, spring mattresses to $7,000 tempurpedic mattresses with adjustable base. This mattress has been our favorite. It's truly the best Mattress we've ever owned. There's no dip in the middle. It's not too firm or too soft it's just right. We have had the best sleep every single night. We're not waking up with back pain or muscle discomfort. We're not tossing & turning all night. Who would have thought Ikea would have the best Mattress on the market hands down? Well we know it's true & we have told everyone we know that this is the mattress of their dreams. We intend to buy another one just to ensure we have it when it's time to replace this one. I never thought I'd love a mattress as much as I love this mattress. If you are hesitant like we were just go to your local Ikea and check it out I promise it'll be well worth the trip!5
Most SurprisingWayneOwned a somewhat pricey Furniture Store Mattress…purchased a new bed from IKEA and needed a mattress for it. Was going to use the 3year old one .. Thought we’d try the new one …thinking we’d just put one of them in the guest room if we didn’t like it …to our surprise we Love this mattress it’s firm,comfortable,quiet…very pleasantly surprised we get much better sleep over the pricier mattress… would definitely buy again especially if it performs over the long term…5
It is too soft and gives back painFatemehI have the mattress for 4 months, used it only 2 months because of travel. It was fine at first but it got softer and softer, and now I sink into the mattress and wake up with back pain. Since it is past 90 days I don't know what to do, and this mattress was expensive, I really hoped it would be a good one but now I rather sleep on a couch until I can afford another investment into a mattress. I would not recommend it for those who want a firm mattress because of the super soft memory foam.1
Wonderful PurchaseKermitA very comfortable mattress and fit perfectly into our existing bed frame.5
MattressRafic R.Excellent & Comfortable5