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HAUGSVÄR Spring mattress, medium firm/dark gray,

Price $ 349.00
Bed linen sold separately.

10 year limited warranty

Product features
Thickness 11 "Pocket springs Foam Medium firm

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A heavenly combination of individually-wrapped pocket springs that follow your movements and a thick layer of foam for cushioning comfort.

Article Number303.074.28

Product details

The individually wrapped pocket springs in HAUGSVÄR work independently and closely follow your body. A generous layer of high resilience foam nearest your body provides enhanced comfort.

High-resilience foam for great pressure-relieving capacity, improving blood circulation to muscles and skin and enabling you to fully relax.

Response coils are individually wrapped to insulate movements so you don't disturb your bed partner.

A generous layer of soft filling adds support and comfort.

Stretch fabric on top of the mattress moves with you to maximize comfort.

Designed to be used on one side only – no need to turn.

Easy to bring home since the mattress is roll packed.

The complete mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty. You can read about the terms in the warranty booklet.


Synnöve Mork


Length: 74 3/8 "

Width: 38 1/4 "

Thickness: 11 "


Worst Ikea Purchase EverMeganI bought this mattress from Ikea in May 2023. Less than one year later, it is no longer comfortable for a full night of sleep. The foam feels fully compressed, to the point where there are deep indentations that do not reform. I am a side sleeper and can only get comfortable on my back. The mattress is one sided, so you cannot rotate it to even out wear. I tried to rotate it horizontally, but my partner weighs a bit more than me, and his side of the bed felt worse than mine. I had hoped this would be serviceable for at least a full year, but here I am a few months later, mattress shopping again. Do not recommend!!!1
Not as firm as I hopedElkeI can’t sleep on very hard mattresses so we picked this one but it is pretty soft, it does not support the spine well and sags. I wake up with a back ache in the middle of the night. I am thinking about exchanging it for the firmer one but not sure how to get it back to Ikea.3
Comfort at a great valueBradWe’ve been pleasantly surprised with how comfortable this mattress is and it’s truly a great value. 5
Love itLoriI bought 2 of these mattresses for my kids. They love it. Comfy and supportive5
Avoid this mattress!KevinPurchased this mattress about 5 months ago. It has become deformed on both sides. The foam inside seems to be separating. It has become extremely uncomfortable. Based on other reviews I've seen, this seems to be a common problem with this particular mattress. Now I'm stuck with it and can't bring it back. Not sure if I'd want to purchase another mattress from IKEA.1
Horrible mattress NicoleI bought this mattress in July and it is already deformed. 6 months in and the foam is already separated. It’s like I’m sleeping on a slope every night. It’s so sloped that it’s visible just looking at it. Not sure if I just received a bad mattress or if it is really this horrible. It was good for the first month of use and now I wake up with back aches. 1
Love it !MariaVery comfortable5
Horrible mattress AllisonWe had this mattress for a year and it’s deformed. The foam separated inside the mattress. All we did was sit at the end of bed and it got messed up. It’s comfortable but it’s hard to enjoy because of that1
Best Purchase EverAnnaCaught this on sale while we looked for a mattress upgrade. Best purchase ever. Sleeps like a dream. Super comfortable. 5
It’s a good mattress forBeatrizIt’s a good mattress for the price. So far have been using for 3+ months and still holding up. It’s a good mattress if you need one and don’t want to break the bank.5
Perfect to sleepSteffenReally a perfect mattress. I have it in firmness and sleep very well on it every night. And I'm already very sensitive here.5
Good bedLeonThis bed isnt fancy by any menas, but it came quickly and easily, and within 6 hours I was getting good sleep on it.5
Firm & ComfortableJohnWe love this mattress. It is very firm and provides great support. It does take a few days to fully open up, but once it does, it is great. The price is incredible for such a great quality mattress.5
Great buyEugenioI was thinking of the mattress to spend the money on and if this is what they offer on the card. And they were right, Awesome mattress I recommend for back pain it helps a lot. 5
HaugsvarKerryDaughter loved her so much bought another for the guest room!! 5
Firm mattressElizabethI purchased this mattress because I was experiencing back pain and sciatica. I am a side and stomach sleeper and decided a needed a firmer mattress. This mattress is great. I used to toss and turn and now I lay down and fall right to sleep. Best purchase I have made.5
Great BedMatthewWe were looking for a new bed for our daughter, in the showroom when she sat down on this mattress it was instant smile! She has been very happy ever since it arrived. 5
Good mattressJoaquínvery good value for money 4
So comfortable!!!ColleenThis mattress is what dreams are made of. I didn't realize how uncomfortable my old mattress was, until I bought this one. 5
Not consistent CarylThe first mattress I bought was perfect. It was plush and very comfortable. I bought a few more for my rental house and they I believe were also plush and comfortable when I bought the mattress for my home. It was hard and not comfortable. I took it back to the store and switched it out, thinking they had sent me the wrong mattress, when I got the new mattress home, it was a little better but not as comfortable as the first mattress. 3