FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray

After a good night’s sleep, you can effortlessly convert your bedroom or guest room into a living room again. The built-in storage is easy to access and spacious enough to store bedding, books and PJs.


Product details

This sofa converts quickly and easily into a spacious bed when you remove the back cushions and pull out the underframe.Sofa, chaise and double bed in one.Storage space under the chaise. The lid stays open so you can safely and easily take things in and out.You can place the chaise section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like.10 year Limited warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Backrest f/sleeper sectional,3-seat
    Back frame:Plywood, Particleboard
    Back:Polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft., Polyester wadding
    Fabric:100 %polyester
    Chaise for sleeper sectional
    Seat frame:Solid wood
    Armrest frame:Plywood, Particleboard
    Bed storage box:Plywood, Particleboard, Melamine foil
    Fabric:100 %polyester
    Seat section for sleeper sectional
    Bed base frame:Plywood, Particleboard, Solid wood
    Seat:Polyurethane foam 2.0 lb/cu.ft., Polyester wadding
    Fabric:100 %polyester
    Frame, non-removable coverBackrest f/sleeper sectional,3-seat/chaise for sleeper sectional/seat section for sleeper sectionalVacuum clean.Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
    Cushion coverBackrest f/sleeper sectional,3-seat/chaise for sleeper sectional/seat section for sleeper sectionalDo not wash.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.
  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    FRIHETENBackrest f/sleeper sectional,3-seatArticle Number:304.320.74
    Width: 25 ½ "Height: 10 ¼ "Length: 81 ¾ "Weight: 91 lb 4 ozPackage(s): 1
    FRIHETENChaise for sleeper sectionalArticle Number:204.320.79
    Width: 29 "Height: 15 ¾ "Length: 57 ¼ "Weight: 99 lb 3 ozPackage(s): 1
    FRIHETENSeat section for sleeper sectionalArticle Number:304.320.88
    Width: 32 ¼ "Height: 16 ¼ "Length: 55 "Weight: 78 lb 11 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

90 1/2 "
59 1/2 "
26 "
Bed width: 
55 1/8 "
Bed length: 
80 3/8 "


Not Pet Friendlyend_89I’ve had this couch since March. I love it, however I the fabric I purchased is Hyllie Beige and it’s beautiful but has not held up with three dogs. There’s is so much piling that I constantly have to shave it off. I know this isn’t listed as “pet-friendly” but wanted to share in case your in the same position. I have a friend who has the same couch in Skiftbo grey and she does not have this issues with her two dogs and two cats. I love this couch, please make one in beige that’s more pet-friendly! And make it capable to change out covers!2
Great Features but firm and hard to remove stainsClass and FunctionalI purchased this sectional in 2016 and had it for 3 years. I loved the features, such as it could turn into a bed and there was storage. However, it was a little too firm for my liking and it was super hard to remove stains! My dog always licked her paws on the sofa which resulted in a wet stain and once my daughter spilled water. Despite using little tricks such as seltzer water, I couldn't get two stains to go away. If you have young children, animals, or are a little on the clumsy side, I would recommend going with a different sectional. Again, I think the features were amazing, but the fact that it stained easily and it was hard to remove, resulted in me getting rid of the sofa after 3 years.3
I adore this couch!BrieSDI looked for months before deciding on this couch, which had been one of my first choices. I am super happy with it. It is comfortable as a couch and a sleeper. The beige color is beautiful and opens up our tiny apartment. The only thing I’m worried about is how hard the kids are on it, as well as our little rescue dog who likes to mark. The first few days the kids managed to get crayon and play-doh embedded in the seat and was able to scrub it off easily. I took a waterproof sheet and cut it in half and tucked it around the corners for the dog. IKEA— please, please, please make a pet proof couch cover :)5
Simple hacks for comfort and longevitySimple hacksBefore assembling we inserted a patio chaise cushion between the metal spring and cushion fir extra padding and bought a full size mattress topper and slipped in inside a twin duvet cover to place atop the open bed to protect it from bo and provide extra cushion. Wish I could post a photo. Its low so better for sleeping than sitting. Nice fir teen bedroom.4
Comfy, and so unique, not another like itMatt_CI bought this couch last month, it came in three large boxes. They fit in the back of my Tacoma quite easy, did curbside pick up. It was easier to put together than many of the smaller items I've bought from ikea. Had it all together in about 2-3 hours. Its so comfy, and it beats a sleeper any day. The only thing I would add, is, make sure to upgrade to the Hyllie Dark fabric. It's a lot better than the skipto, or whatever its called.5
Terrible couch, stay, no, run away!WatpompPurchased in 2014. Rarely used. Bombstad black fake leather is a terrible material. Its HOT, its not durable, it completely changes and eventually becomes this soft stretchy thing that wrinkles if you dare to sit on it. Even if you use a vynil conditioner, you are only prolonging the inevitable. It is now August 2020 and the bombstat black started to peel. No reason for it, just started and that’s that. This couch is also extremely uncomfortable. If you want to have a broken back, sleep on this. Sitting on it is uncomfortable too. I wasn’t gonna leave this review but after i saw the peeling on it today (its in a spare room unused), I’ve had enough. The design and storage are great, but the cushion materials and the covering is subpart and very low quality (think a $100 walmart couch) I paid $800 (799 plus tax) for this couch on the recommendation of the OLD similar model to this that was genuine leather. Boy am I kicking myself. If i had an upholstery shop, its rip the bombstat junk straight off, get some seriously comfortable automotive foam cushions and reupholster it in genuine leather. Alas, I don’t have access to leather sewing machines, and this couch is a colossal piece of junk. Other reviews said the same thing. I agree. I am here today to share that opinion after my couch started to peel for no reason.1
Could not love this couch more!AforanI live in a very small space and this couch is so perfect. I use it as my bed and when guests come over it is so easy for me to fold up and have a beautiful couch. I love that it makes a perfect rectangle and the bed portion matches the couch and doesn’t look out of place if left open. It glides open so easily. Love Love Love. I am going to be moving shorty and am going to be rebuying this couch for my new place but for a real sofa and guest bed.5
It smells so bad !!!!sanvneiThe whole space was full of this bad smell, which made me have a headache and throw up. Please don't buy this sofa!!!1
Just what I needed!Kelly_123I have had this couch for about a month and I couldn’t be happier! The shape and size is perfect for my living room, and pulling out the trundle makes an amazing space for movie night. The cushions are stiff when you first assemble it, and they break in to be slightly softer over the weeks. I like a firmer mattress and I don’t expect an issue making this comfortable for guests. For a $600 couch I expect this to hold up great for a few years. The only problem I anticipate is that the back cushions seem like they’ll sag fairly quickly. However, because they’re not attached to the couch itself, and because there is a hidden zipper on the underside, adding batting or additional foam should be very easy later down the line. Overall I’m thrilled with my purchase. Don’t get this as a futon replacement if you want it as your main bed, and if your guests want a softer experience just add a mattress topper that can be easily stored in the side section. Throw pillows will also make this a much more comfortable couch for daily use. Also, the boxes this comes in are HUGE so strongly consider delivery unless you have a van or flatbed truck.5
Doesn"t lastlrpjakLove the way this sofa looks. Love the built in storage. Love the way the bed pops up. Don't love that you can't tuck in the sheet on two sides. Don't love that it is super hard for sleeping (fine for sitting). Don't love that the fake leather surface is peeling off.2
Solid sleeperMiovino94We were torn between a few different couches from Ikea. After visiting the store to test them out, we were fairly certain that this was the one. We have had it for a few weeks, and it is honestly more comfortable than many of the reviews would have you believe! I fell asleep on it the first night it was in my apartment.. Would definitely recommend5
Perfect sectional for a small space!moskwakaI can't say enough great things about this sectional. I bought it in Hyllie dark gray for my 3rd bedroom that functions as a lounge/guest bedroom two years ago. It is firm but super comfortable and the pull out section turns it into a real queen sized bed in seconds. The storage compartment is awesome - put your blankets and pillows in there so you never have to worry about where they are when guests show up. There are even little covered vents in the bottom of the storage compartment so your bedding doesn't smell stale. The fabric is durable and looks really nice up close (almost like a dark gray linen). I have a cat and I vacuum the couch to get the fur off with no trouble. Overall, this is the my favorite IKEA purchase to date!5
Great small space couchTke726I was hesitant in buying because of the reviews. I waited to review until after we had taken naps On it and had guests overnight to see how it did. I am very please with our purchase. It is a firm sofa but is comfortable. I have no complaints.4
uncomfortable and now not recommendecheveriaWe purchased this in late 2015 to use in our family room and to accommodate visiting family (light use only). While it was comfortable for the first few months, it quickly lost cushioning. We enjoyed how easy it was to clean as we have children, but noticed some color lifted when cleaning with a lightly damp cloth (though less than from our black Kivik couch). The sleeper pull out unit becomes easily detached. By 2017 the framed arm began to bow out and no adult enjoyed sitting on the couch as we could feel the frame through the cushions. In 2019, the seamed pleather began to tear and stitching failed in a few places. This year, even the children have abandoned sitting on the couch and so we are getting rid of it. It is not yet five years old.2
Great sectional for small spacesml717The cushions have been firm since day 1. Had had the couch for about 3 years and we are happy overall with how it's held up. The sleeper part is great for lounging. We’ve had people of various ages (30-70) sleep on the couch and commented on how comfortable it is. The fabric is comfortable and has held up well with minimal pilling. solid sectional for the price for a nyc apt.4
Super comfortable!Miami boyIts a great bed for the guests.This sleeper sofa was super comfortable and only took two hours to put together; but it would’ve been easier if they separated and labeled the screws5
Fair qualityIsabellajThe material of this couch is not as good as I expected. I had trouble assembling the couch because there were gaps between the corners, the clothe material is not really good either. It’s a bit of a disappointment for a couch with this price2
Great sectionalactionpotentialWe have had this Friheten for over 3 years, and it's still great. The cushions are a little less comfortable than at first, but overall we are very happy with how it's held up. The sleeper part is great for lounging. The fabric is comfortable and has held up well with minimal pilling. It looks nice and fits great in our 1bedroom apartment. Would definitely recommend.5
Great couch !!!!LucianawhiteI’ve had this couch for 2+ years and have moved it 2x. Easy to take apart (keep the instructions & tools) and put together !! Great for storage and pull out sleeper bed !5
Really great, esp with occasional guestsJDH28The sleeper section comes out easily. The sofa seat started to sag a bit after 7 to 8 months. The chaise section stays firm. Otherwise no complaints, and the back customs stay firm too.4

Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray

FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Bomstad black
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie beige
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Skiftebo blue
FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Skiftebo dark gray
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FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Hyllie dark gray