DRYCK PÅSKMUST Swedish Easter drink, 17 oz
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The uniquely Swedish soft drink julmust is traditionally consumed around Easter. Serve chilled as a thirst-quencher or with any food.
  • DRYCK PÅSKMUSTSwedish Easter drinkArticle Number:804.389.93
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17 oz


Very yummyINAThis taste so good5
Excellent!KarinBrings me back to my childhood. Thank you for making this available to us, now I can share it with my children...5
Different but tasty??EdwinI didn’t know what to expect when I purchase this drink but I have to say I was surprised by the taste. It was a mixture are several flavors combined with a twist of something different. I can’t put my finger on it really but it wasn’t bad I guess. I’d drink it again but it’s not something I would stock up at home and drink all the time or make others drink. Is asked them to try but it wouldn’t be my go to drink for company.5
review for Drycm PasmmustChia J.It’s fresh and good taste.5
So good!CHARLEENThis was surprisingly good, tastes like not so bubbly cola. Not too sweet.5
Best soda ever!!JuliaThis is the best soda ever. I think it's an acquired taste, so most likely loved mostly by Swedes at first...but it grows on you! We only drink it at Christmas and Easter. But it's oh so delicious!5

Swedish Easter drink17 oz

$0.95/ 16.907 oz
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DRYCK PÅSKMUST Swedish Easter drink, 17 oz


$0.95/ 16.907 oz