BÖRJA Feeding and baby spoon
BÖRJA Feeding and baby spoon
BÖRJA Feeding and baby spoon
BÖRJA Feeding and baby spoon
Article Number401.992.87

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The small spoon is easy for babies to hold when learning to eat by themselves.The larger spoon has a long handle that makes it easier to scoop food from a jar when feeding your baby. Made from harmless plastic, the same material used in baby bottles, disposable diapers and food boxes.Recommended for all ages.Includes:1 baby spoon (5") and 1 feeding spoon (6").Designer

Wiebke Braasch

  • Polypropylene
    Dishwasher-safe up to 158ºF (70°C).
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) freeIKEA has banned BPA (Bisphenol A) in plastic products in the children’s range (0-7 years) and in all food-contact products. IKEA phased out BPA in 2006.IKEA has strict requirements for the use of phthalates in all our products, and we have totally banned them in children’s and food-contact products.Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • BÖRJAFeeding and baby spoonArticle Number:401.992.87
    Width: 3 ¼ "Height: 1 "Length: 8 ¾ "Weight: 1 ozPackage(s): 1


Easy to fit with narrowMELIKEEasy to fit with narrow one5
LoveMELISSAFor the price these are really good products i love ikea!5
This was a gift. GreatMarilyn64This was a gift. Great price!5
Baby stuffHappynyBaby lives it.5
My 9M Old Baby Loves This SpoonDavidThat's His Favorite Spoon.5
Baby loves them, what more can I say!ChucktasticVery happy with these spoons and the baby loves them!5
Shorter handle pleaseGmafeederGood spoon bowl but wish both handles were shorter for little hands.3
Simply the best!Wong CasaPerfect size for feeding, actually holds the food and comfortable grip make this spoon the best baby spoon ever.5
Good grip.LizmadelineI bought this for my 2 year old and my 12month old and both have a great use of them the smaller spoon is better for my 2y and the long one to feed the baby. Great price too.5
Great spoonsLiyah314Great beginner spoons for babies. My daughter has no problem using them5
Anica25Great product for the price. The food doesn’t stain the spoon and it’s easy to clean!5
pachitaI brought a month ago and I am happy!5
Works perfectly!CDadThey fit in your hand really well, they hold the perfect amount of food, my son gets all the food in his mouth and they clean up really easily5
Inexpensive and durableMarla LynnExceptional 2 spoon set, each a different size. Easy to clean and durable.5
EshuIt's very good & very useful5
Great spoonsgramma723Perfect shape for feeding our newest addition!5
PerfectamberlovesthelordPerfect shape to feed baby5
Nice shapeSireeInitially I bought 1. I liked so much compare to other baby spoon that bought 4 more. Only 1 thing i dont like is i have to pay for other 1 which i dont want. So end up having 5 unnecessary spoon.5
Great value!RJinLAA friend had purchased a set, and asked me to pick up 4 more! She loves the design and the quality, and wanted more so she can have them in the kitchen, in the diaper bag... everywhere!5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

BPA – no thanks!

We care as much about your child as you do. That’s why there’s no added BPA (Bisphenol A) or other harmful substances in our children’s tableware. In fact, everything from bibs and plates to flatware and cups fulfill the highest market standards so that you can just sit down and enjoy your meals together – and each other’s company.

Baby-tested tools to tame mealtime chaos

Meals with babies and toddlers can be chaotic, to say the least, with mess, stress and frustrated, hungry little mouths. But when one of our creative innovators became a parent, ideas to make mealtimes less messy, less time-consuming and more fun were also born. The SMÅGLI plate and bowl and BÖRJA spoons and training cup are created based on insights from feeding tests with real families – and they give babies and their parents the tools to transform daily mealtime chaos into an enjoyable experience.

When product designer Wiebke Braasch became a mother, she experienced the challenge of feeding a baby first-hand. First, there was the mess. Then there was the distress of watching her son struggle heroically to get peas from his plate to his mouth only to have them fall off at the last moment. It inspired her, and the result are BÖRJA and SMÅGLI – baby tested and approved.

Real-life tests with real families

Learning to eat is important for developing fine motor skills, and Wiebke felt that better tools could give babies and their parents some help along the way. She pooled her insights with product designer Ina Tidbeck Sjöblom, and together they began to sketch out ideas and carry out feeding and eating tests with babies and their parents. “We visited families in their homes and observed children being fed and feeding themselves,” Wiebke explains. “We wanted to find out what kind of spoons, plates and cups they used, how they used them and how they felt about them.” They watched as the babies explored everything – squishing the food, banging the cup on the table and moving the plate around. Much of the food ended up anywhere and everywhere but the babies’ mouths. Porridge was on the floor. Fruit and vegetable purées of every color were on clothes, on baby faces and in hair.

Stable plate and bowl with smart curves

“Our research confirmed our experiences at home,” Wiebke says. “We understood the parents’ desire for less cleanup and a more meaningful experience with their children. Based on that, we created tools with shapes that help babies learn more quickly and make feeding easier and less messy.” They gave the SMÅGLI plate and bowl high sides and an inward curve, so when children push food against the sides it practically falls back into their spoons, instead of over the edge. In tests, they observed how attempts to keep plates on the table – with suction – failed spectacularly and resulted in the children fighting to pull the plates off the table. Once they got them loose, which they always did, the parents had to clean food off of walls, instead of floors. So the materials – heavy on top and soft on the underside – are also carefully chosen to help the plate and bowl sit firmly on the table.

Small details make all the difference

The BÖRJA feeding spoon was given a long handle for reaching to the bottom of baby food jars, and a sharp angle between the handle and bowl of the spoon that's adapted to the feeding movement. Babies hold a spoon with their whole hand, switch hands often and eat from the sides of a spoon more often than from the front, so the BÖRJA baby spoon has a short and chunky handle for a better grip and a shallow, wide design to make it easier for them to get the spoon in their mouths from any angle. The spout of the BÖRJA training cup has been given very small holes instead of the typical spill-proof mechanism. The tight-fitting lid prevents big spills, but when turned upside down, liquid can still run out through the spout. This also lets children control the flow of liquid themselves. And since we found that children like to see what they’re drinking, part of the cup is transparent.

Improving life for babies and parents

“We only create products that meet the highest safety standards and that we feel confident about using with our own children. They are made from the same safe plastic material as baby bottles and have no BPA added. We tested the prototypes and the final products at home, and we are convinced that SMÅGLI and BÖRJA will help other parents make eating sessions less messy and time-consuming – and much more enjoyable,” Wiebke concludes. “This is design based on real life experiences to improve the daily life of babies and their parents.”

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Function solution

Time to start eating on their own? We have the training tools.

Children need training when learning to eat on their own – with you. We have the tools you need to succeed. Grip-friendly baby spoons and baby mugs with spouts and 2 large handles for your child, as well as feeding spoons with long handles for you. If you want to avoid messy spills, complete with bowls and plates. They have high sides that keep most of the food on the plate. And everything is made of harmless plastic that withstands sharp teeth. Good luck – and don’t forget a bib!

Feeding and baby spoon

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BÖRJA Feeding and baby spoon