BEHANDLA Glazing paint, blue
BEHANDLA Glazing paint, blue
BEHANDLA Glazing paint, blue

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Makes the surface of untreated wood more durable.For indoor use.Water-based.Covers 54-64 sq ft., one coat.One can contains enough glazing paint to coat four chairs one time.Time before recoating: 6 hours.Shelf life, unopened cain: 24 months, opened can: 6 months.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Linseed oil, Wood treatment oil, Pigments
  • BEHANDLAGlazing paintArticle Number:903.897.46
    Length: 3 ½ "Weight: 1 lb 0 ozDiameter: 3 ¼ "Package(s): 1

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13 oz


ColorMina314The black Color so bright .3
Not worth itodessi123Save your money. Seems like water and paint mixed together. Just go buy half a quart and the paint store.1
Great findMark TomlinsonIt's the only paint that matches my office furniture exactly. And since it takes a lot of abuse, I'm glad I found this. It is unfortunate that (I've been told) IKEA is discontinuing it.5
dos not stain evenlykndsimpsonI bought this on recommendation of the sales associate. It turned out nothing like what was on the floor as an example., The color was mud brown not ebony.2
Great color!NickiGirrlIf you want it to look like stain, 1 coat. If you want it to look like glossy paint, 2+ coats. It’s a beautiful, rich hue of blue5
BEAUTIFUL BLUE - zero toxic fumes-water clean upHezheatherThis ikea blue wood glaze is the most magnificent color I've encountered using several other lines of wood stains and glazes from other American big box stores. Plus as Mom who likes to work slowly on projects inside - I LOVE this glaze because it has zero toxic smell - dries to touch super super fast and cleans up with just water. It's very unlike other stinky oil based wood glazes. As said in other reviews this is a glaze it is not a thick heavy covering latex type of paint. I used 2 coats of blue with light sanding in between coats on my unfinished wood furniture project and the final result is absolutely beautiful. I ended with 2 coats sealant and the finish on my furniture project is magnificent. The final finish has withstood the daily abuse of 2 toddlers - crayons- food spills and even a latex paint spill. All wiped cleaned without any damage to finished surface and the blue color has withstood time in direct sun with no fading. The final color is a very rich deep blue-torquise color that still allows some wood grain to show - the color on the can looks like a deep navy blue which is sad because this is such a lovely color. I have already stripped other pieces at home just to glaze in this color as it is so eye catching and durable. I have no experience using the white or black glaze in this line from Ikea but can say that the blue is amazing.5
Not paintLuZ87I was expecting paint but this product is more glazing, so I end up needing 6 layers (with sanding in between) to get perfect black plus additional clear coats. I won't recommend this unless you are trying to do an Ikea color as I was trying to do.2
Wood StainStorage ChestThe picture on can shows paint brush being used for application. Also, no instructions on outside of can. This is a wiping stain at least when used on Moppe mini storage chest which is better spray painted that using this stain.3
Waste of moneyJessySasThis is like trying to paint with cottage cheese.1
Very thin paintMinimai22It was a very cheap and thin paint. I had a hard time using this paint. I had to paint my shelves about 5 times before my shelves started to look decent.2
Soooo many coatspkimball114Bought this paint since I wanted a wine rack to match the colors of the other Ikea furniture. If you buy a small enough item, and have the patience to paint 5+ coats per side, I would still recommend buying a different glaze. This is so watered down that the color does not come through until several coats have been applied. Even then, I still find parts of the wine rack that need another once-over. If I had known how much effort this was going to be, I would have just opted for some spray paint or any sort of alternative.1
MatchesWai2w3cIt took about three coats of this thin stain to make tar a match the same color as the black Hemnes or malm. Wasn’t expecting it to be so thin by you just have to put a lot of coats. I used two cans for two targa nightstands.5
Pour Colorig239i bought this to paint my RAST 3-drawer chest to be the same color as other black/brown IKEA furniture in my bathroom but even after 2 layers of this paint RAST looked grey not brown. I had to get to the color I needed some different way.1
Looks nice.TonyAl76Several coats needed. Basically watered down white paint.4
Thin paintButter CupI bought this 3 months ago to paint one of the Ikea dressers. The paint is very thin and watery. I did double coat and got the paint effects that I like which I can still see the wood pattern on the dresser. The glazing paint might work great for you if you don't care for full coverage.4
great variable coveragemotherlilyI loved this stuff! I actually hopped on to advise paintbrush cleanup with OIL. Like dissolves like and this is linseed oil, so use a light oil, then an oil based cleaner like mineral spirits, then something like dish soap. I loved the semitransparent levels, but found it gunky to work with as I built more layers to attempt a more opaque finish. I discovered I needed to use very thin coats and let dry very well and then wipe with clean cloth between coats.4
Easy to paint withMomo1362I love this stain/ paint, it leaves a nice thin layer of paint5
Great buyMaura_DI actually just used one coat on the IVAR. Looks like antique wood. Great purchase!4
Great option to customizeRoxShinobiPurchased this for my daughter to add choice of color on a desk that did not come in this color option. Amount was just enough for what we needed.5
Works as expectedTamaranjUnfortunately we had to buy this to cover up the scratches and areas that were not stained evenly on our Hemnes bedroom furniture4

Glazing paint, blue

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BEHANDLA Glazing paint, blue


$4.99/ 12.68 oz