A playful living room with pink walls showing the animated Darcel Disappoints relaxing in FÖRNYAD sofa.

Infuse your home with fashion, fun and quirkiness

FÖRNYAD is the result of IKEA teaming up with Sarah Andelman, Creative Director of colette (a Parisian concept store), and designer Craig Redman known for his egg-shaped character Darcel Disappoints. The collection may have been designed with students in mind, but age doesn’t come into it. The stationeries, note books, desk lighting, stool, pedal bin, rug, plus more are for everyone who wants to add some fun to everyday life.

Darcel on designing the carrier bag

“The pattern is fun with elements from my favorite park in Paris, it reminds me of the good times I have when I visit the city.”

– Darcel, Designer
KLIPPAN sofa with a colorful and patterned FÖRNYAD cover, designed by Darcel Disappoints, shown in a pink room.

FÖRNYAD work lamp that looks like the big eye of Darcel Disappoints, shown against an orange background.

FÖRNYAD service set of four pieces, one large plate resembling the eye of Darcel Disappoints, a white mug and two bowls.

Darcel on designing the stool

Darcel on designing the soft toy

FÖRNYAD bright blue small table shown against a light brown background.

Two FÖRNYAD soft toys resembling Darcel Disappoint with an egg-shaped body and one big eye and skinny legs and arms.

Three FÖRNYAD accessories in dark blue with different printed pattern. Media tablet case, pencil case and small case.

Colorful illustration of Darcel Disappoints lounging in the KLIPPAN sofa with FÖRNYAD cover.

Darcel on lounging at home:
Good company is everything. That being me.

Colorful illustration of Darcel Disappoints standing with a drink at the FÖRNYAD side table.

Darcel on going out: Places to be, people to avoid seeing.

Illustration of Darcel Disappoints struggling with a creative idea for FÖRNYAD collection, on a messy desk.

Darcel on creativity: Embrace the struggle.