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The AFTONSPARV collection has landed!

Our space-themed AFTONSPARV children’s collection brings outer space into your space – whether that’s the living room, on top of the bed, behind the sofa or under the stairs. Created in collaboration with a group of children who love space, it aims to inspire creativity, curiosity and adventures for budding astronauts around the globe.

A bunk bed with AFTONSPARV bed linen and an AFTONSPARV curtain at one end in a galaxy-themed space with AFTONSPARV soft toys.
A bunk bed with AFTONSPARV bed linen and an AFTONSPARV curtain at one end in a galaxy-themed space with AFTONSPARV soft toys.

The biggest playground of all is never far away

Space is big, but the imagination is even bigger. At IKEA we believe that kids need to be allowed to let their imaginations roam far and wide. With toys for creative play, active play and role play, the AFTONSPARV collection is an open ticket to the moon, or anywhere else your space explorers feel like going.

A child at a desk with an AFTONSPARV desk pad and a pot of pens on it, playing with the AFTONSPARV cardboard template set.
A child in a galaxy-themed space holds an AFTONSPARV rocket children’s tent on its side over her head, pointing its nose up.
A green AFTONSPARV soft toy alien in a galaxy-themed space, sitting in an AFTONSPARV soft toy spaceship with the top open.

I’ve been here before

Because I’m 100% recycled. Along with the soft toy astronauts, spaceship, finger puppets and cushion in the AFTONSPARV collection, I’m made from 100% recycled polyester. Ready to land in a room near you!

We’re off to space – on a spaceship fueled by imagination!

There’s no limit to where play can take you

Play is vital for children’s development, so we’ve done our best to make sure there’s something for everyone in the AFTONSPARV collection. From space-traveling finger puppets and soft toys to spaceships, rockets and a solar system rug, we’ve got all you need for space-themed fun. Big adventures start here!

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Video: A child and an adult playing outer-space themed games on a round AFTONSPARV space rug and a round table set for breakfast.
A child sits in an AFTONSPARV play tent rocket and looks up, beside cushions and AFTONSPARV Earth and alien soft toys.
A child stands in a galaxy-themed space holding their hands up, showing the AFTONSPARV 5-piece puppet set on their fingers.
A child and an adult reading a story together in an AFTONSPARV play tent rocket which is on a cream rug in a living room.
An AFTONSPARV soft toy cat wearing an astronaut suit and sitting in an AFTONSPARV soft toy spaceship on top of a space rug.
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Drift off under the stars

Our space-themed bedroom accessories set the scene for your budding astronauts to discover the mysteries of the star-studded universe. When it’s mission accomplished for the day, they can snuggle up under cosmic bed linen, with a clear view of the stars twinkling on the glow-in-the-dark curtain.

A child’s bedroom at night with an AFTONSPARV glow-in-the-dark curtain on the window and AFTONSPARV bed linen on a white bed.

How on Earth do you store things in space?

While it might be fun to have things hovering around in zero gravity, it’s hard to sort them out if they keep floating off at tidy-up time. Luckily, we have lots of easy children’s storage ideas like boxes and organizers to help tired young astronauts when playtime’s over. Gravity included!

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Video: A child in a space-themed environment. Toys from the AFTONSPARV collection and toy storage boxes fly in the air around them.
Two white TROFAST frames filled with orange storage boxes on either side of a white SMÅSTAD wardrobe with 3 drawers.
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