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Explore a new release of iconic designs in the Nytillverkad collection

Welcome to the late 1960s, a time when bold patterns, optimistic shapes and unconventional solutions characterized the interior design style. Discover new takes on classics by influential designers like Karin Mobring and Gillis Lundgren in green, yellow and black.

It spins again!

Some things are too great to stay forgotten. When the DYVLINGE swivel armchair reached IKEA customers as MILA in 1967, it was a huge success. The low, soft and reclined armchair was then nicknamed the anti-stress armchair. Now reinforced with an extra leg for stability, it’s ready for another spin. Are you?

Video: A person spins in a green DYVLINGE swivel armchair. Beside the chair lies a dog. Their hairs are flying in the breeze.
A black DYVLINGE swivel armchair is on a green and black tiled floor. On the seat lies a receiver from a rotary dial phone.
A green DYVLINGE swivel armchair stands on a blue-white/black BULLERREMSA rug in a room with green walls and blue floor.
The low-seated armchairs are finally back. And they work just as well today as they did in the 1960s.

Karin GustavssonRange Identity Leader, IKEA of Sweden

Old souls in new suits

At the end of the 1960s, life at home was supposed to be relaxed and cozy, with soft rugs, comfortable seating and coffee tables with enough room for snacks. Now you can furnish your home with reclined armchairs, spacious side tables and high pile rugs that meet the expectations of today.

A person in a green chair eats green pudding from a champagne coupe. In the lap is a cushion in an ÄNGSFIBBLA cushion cover.
A green SKOGSTUNDRA vase stands on a blue floor before a mirror. Inside the vase are different green flowers.
A black 27-centimetre SKOGSTUNDRA vase with white flowers stands on a white podium in a bright blue room.
A BULLERREMSA high pile rug in blue-black/white lies draped over a white sunken staircase in a colourful room.
The BAGGBODA side table in light yellow is on a brown floor partly covered by a blue trellis. On the table are jelly cakes.

Treat yourself to new dimensions

While some landed on the moon in 1969, others landed in this spacious, soft, slightly reclined armchair designed by Gillis Lundgren. The dimensions of the SOTENÄS armchair are as generous now as they were back then, giving you plenty of room for different sitting positions. Or for sharing it with a friend.

Video: A bright light over a yellow horizon. Space chatter. A butt landing in the yellow SOTENÄS armchair. An IKEA flag in a bun.
A yellow SOTENÄS armchair stands on a brown floor beside a yellow BAGGBODA side table with a record player and records.
A white BAGGBODA side table stands in front of the ÄNGSFIBBLA pre-cut fabric. The table holds a black vase and an old phone.
When we bring back an already brilliant design and still manage to improve it slightly, then we’ve succeeded.

Rickard ”Rille” JonssonInnovation Engineer, IKEA of Sweden

Pepper with patterns

Although colorless, the STRECKFLY fabric in salt and pepper has plenty of flavor. This fun monochromatic pattern by Sven Fristedt was first brought into the IKEA range as MYRTEN in 1968. This year, dress up your sofa with easily matched cushion covers or drape your walls in the 3-metre pre-cut fabric.

A black DYVLINGE swivel armchair is surrounded by home furnishing from the latest Nytillverkad release.
Four cushions in STRECKFLY black and white cushion covers lie scattered over a white tiled floor with black joints.
A black SKOGSTUNDRA vase with yellow flowers stands on a brown surface. It casts a shadow on the green wall behind it.
If asked to design a new vase, I would have started from scratch. With SKOGSTUNDRA I could begin where my old design left off and improve it.

Ehlén JohanssonDesigner

A color blast from the past

These patterns from the early ‘70s are brought back to meet a new generation. For the first time in their more than 50-year history, they’re now available in pre-cut fabric. So, get ready to unleash your imagination!

A person sits in a room covered in the colourful SVEDJENÄVA pre-cut fabric. The dress they wear is made of the same fabric.
A pile of cushions with orange-and-white-striped NICKFIBBLA cushion covers and one multicoloured SVEDJENÄVA cushion cover.
Two orange SKÅLBODA armchairs and cushion covers, fabric and a pendant lamp from launch 2 of the Nytillverkad collection.
We wanted to bring back our favorites and remake them with the technology and material of today.

Sebastian SvenssonProduct Innovation Leader, IKEA of Sweden

The future looks bright

These two design classics – a plant stand originally from 1957 and a coat stand from 1978 – are restyled in eye-catching contemporary shades.

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A blue vase with orange flowers is in a light green KULTURSKOG plant stand on a blue STOENSE rug in a blue-painted room.
A white canvas bag and bucket hat hang from the tree-like arms of a yellow BONDSKÄRET coat/hat stand in a bright space.
See the Nytillverkad collection
A red retro telephone, notebook and pen are on a blue LÖVBACKEN side table on a red and lilac square tiled floor.

A love letter to a beloved side table

Way back in 1956, IKEA produced one of its most iconic pieces of furniture of all time: a loveable side table called LÖVET. A true treasure, we have brought her back in cheerful colors as LÖVBACKEN.