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What’s new in the IKEA range

ÅKERNEJLIKA collection – crafted with care

ÅKERNEJLIKA collection brings the art of handcrafted textiles to your home. The collection was designed by Paulin Machado and crafted by women artisans from our social business partners in India and Jordan.

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ÅKERNEJLIKA cushion covers and throw are arranged on a black daybed. An extra ÅKERNEJLIKA throw is hanging on the wall.
A closeup of ÅKERNEJLIKA cushion cover’s hand embroidered pink and blue detailing with an ÅKERNEJLIKA throw behind it.
A closeup of hand embroidered ÅKERNEJLIKA cushion covers. One cushion features the initials of the artisan who crafted it.
A closeup of the pastel coloured stripes in pink, blue and brown and hand knotted fringe on the ÅKERNEJLIKA throw.
A closeup of ruffled edges of two ÅKERNEJLIKA cushion covers. One of the cushions has hand embroidered floral detailing.
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A black DYVLINGE swivel armchair is surrounded by home furnishing from the latest Nytillverkad release.

Return of the evergreens

In this latest edition of the Nytillverkad collection, we are revisiting classics created by influential designers like Karin Mobring and Gillis Lundgren. Welcome to explore the relaxed and playful ‘60s and ‘70s!

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Hands preparing a table with plants, DAKSJUS trays, plant pots and gardening gloves on a sprout-patterned DAKSJUS tablecloth.

Get your garden gloves on and let’s party!

Why not share the joy of planting – and plant cuttings – with friends? Throw a potting party with the help of our new DAKSJUS collection, and set an inspiring table with planting trays, tools, pots, and more.

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Video: A video clip of a girl doing situps and exercises at home, with DAJLIEN products, and a man walking across the street.

Training isn’t everything...

DAJLIEN is a new, limited collection of multi-functional training gear that aims to inspire training in your everyday life, through easy-to-use pieces designed to fit seamlessly into the home. 

Because training isn’t everything. But everything can be training.

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