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IKEA Business Network

IKEA Business Network is open for business!

Join today for free and get access to our Interior Design Service, employee perks, online trainings, discounts and much more. Yes, it’s free to join!

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As an IKEA Business Network member, you can also...

  • Keep a record of your receipts and track your purchase history. Create an account and be sure to scan your digital card with every purchase in-store, or log in to your account when shopping online each time you shop for easy returns, repeat ordering and access to guarantees.
  • You can invite your colleagues to join your company account so everyone can enjoy business benefits and offers.
  • When you visit remember to always sign in to your account. This way, you’ll be sure to take advantage of your benefits and discounts. 

Click & Collect

Buy online, pick-up in-store and we will bring it to you

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Delivery and removal

In with the new, out with the old

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Taskrabbit Assembly

Find flexible and affordable ways to get your to-dos done

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It's free to register for an IKEA Business Network account!

You can do this online today, and you will receive your digital card when you sign up.  If you join the IKEA Business Network, you can start to enjoy the benefits right away.

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The product(s) referenced in this page may contain a mix of products developed for commercial and residential use. Please verify individual certifications and related tests for each desired product and exercise discretion with respect to which products are safe and suitable for any intended use before purchasing. Contact IKEA for Business at 1-888-888-4532 for more information about the range.