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Organic rapeseed oil – a new favorite from IKEA

Recognized as an alternative to olive oil that’s as healthy and equal in taste but more versatile to cook with, rapeseed oil is causing a stir. For the home chef, IKEA has developed SMAKRIK, a quality oil, organically farmed in southern Sweden and produced using traditional methods.

A field of yellow rapeseed.
A field of yellow rapeseed.
A close-up of rapeseed flowers.

Organic farming, happy bees, good oil

The new IKEA SMAKRIK series of oils is harvested from the fertile soils of Skåne, southern Sweden, where the rapeseed flower blossoms like gold each year. The farmers that contribute to SMAKRIK rapeseed oils use GMO-free seeds and follow strict ecological guidelines. No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are sprayed on the fields, which encourages wildlife and allows bees and insects to thrive and continue to help pollinate. What’s more, all SMAKRIK rapeseed oils are pressed and filtered without the use of chemicals, making the product completely organic.

Glass bottles being filled with oil on a production line.

Traditional techniques

There are two kinds of oil in the SMAKRIK series: pressed and cold-pressed. What differentiates them is the temperature reached during the process of extracting the oil from the rapeseed. SMAKRIK is made at farms such as the family-owned Gunnarshögs gård, in Österlen, which goes back generations and employs the same gentle cold-pressing method that has been used for centuries. And no seeds are wasted – any left over are used for baking or as forage for livestock.

A table of colorful grilled vegetables and herbs.

A healthy and tasty alternative

Cultivating rapeseed not only has a low environmental impact, the oil is also good for our health. Chef and food designer at IKEA, David Johansson, points to how many of us are becoming more mindful of what we put in our bodies, which makes this oil popular. "It’s GMO-free, low in saturated fat, a natural source of vitamin E and vitamin K and a source of omega-3 fatty acids," says David. And used right, the oil’s taste can make good food great. "The neutral, pressed oil is really good when you want to make a mayonnaise," says David. "Try the cold-pressed oil with dill flavor, poured over salmon before it’s served. The thyme and the wild garlic flavors sit perfectly with meat, just before it’s taken off the grill."

Grilled vegetables, oil and bread on white plates.

Recipe to get you started: grilled vegetables with burrata and herby rapeseed oil

Side dish, serves 4

1 bunch fresh green herbs
2 teaspoons SMAKRIK rapeseed oil
Lemon juice
8 oz rinsed broad beans
4 onions, halved lengthwise
4 jalapeno peppers
Salt and pepper, according to taste
2 balls fresh burrata
A large baguette and butter, to serve

Step by step
1. Blanche the herbs (stems and all) for 10 seconds in boiling, salted water, then place in an ice bath.
2. Drain the herbs, then mix with the rapeseed oil in a blender and blitz to a smooth purée.
3. Set a coffee filter in a sieve over a bowl and pour the puree into the filter, letting it strain overnight. Season with a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.
4. Gently brush the broad beans, onions and jalapenos with a few drops of rapeseed oil. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Heat a grill pan over a medium to high heat. Place the vegetables and beans on the grill and cook until tender and lightly charred all over.
6. Open up the broad beans lengthwise and slice the jalapeno peppers.
7. Place the beans and vegetables on a serving tray, put the burrata balls on top and drizzle with rapeseed and herb oil.

5 different varieties in the new range of SMAKRIK oils.

Meet the family: SMAKRIK rapeseed oil

SMAKRIK comes as a pressed oil (500ml) and cold-pressed (250ml). The pressed oil is ideal in sauces and for frying, roasting and baking and comes in two flavors. The neutral flavor gives a dish all the quality of rapeseed without adding flavor, the butter flavor makes a great butter replacement when baking (80ml + 20ml water is equivalent to 100g butter). The cold-pressed oil has a nutty character and comes in three flavors – dill, thyme and wild garlic.
SMAKRIK is in-stores now. See the full IKEA Food range in the Swedish Food Market.