Home visit: organized and relaxing bedroom retreat

A corner of a dark blue bedroom with a double bed and plant pots on the windowsill.

Home visit: organized and relaxing bedroom retreat

Give your bedroom a clutter detox and make it a space where you can rest and recharge. Even small changes can give you an energizing boost. Scroll down to see how Marrit uses a built-in wardrobe to help make her bedroom feel calm and tranquil.

Clear your sleep space

Minimize distractions around your bed to put the focus on sleep, and choose inviting fabrics and cozy colors for a hotel look. “I like a big, heavy quilt so getting into bed feels luxurious,” says Marrit. She uses cushions and throws to add accent colors to fresh white bed linen. “I have a stool as my bedside table to keep it looking open and to stop clutter accumulating in drawers.”

“I like to keep our bed quite simple. I think it has the look of a comfortable hotel bed, but without any fuss or too many extra cushions – somewhere to reconnect and be myself.”


Smart and streamlined

Choose simple furniture to keep a feeling of openness. Marrit uses a LISABO desk as her dressing table – its slim design fits neatly into the bay window. “The drawer is handy for tidying away my make-up so I can just display the nice things, like jewelry.” A stool is easy to tuck out of the way. Plants around the windowsill blur the line between the bedroom and the view outside.

“I’m somewhere between a hoarder and a minimalist – I like pretty things, but I need to be able to hide away the things I’m not currently using so there’s room to enjoy the things I love”


Tailor your storage

Customizable storage is a great way to ensure everything has its place. “I love fashion, so we chose big PAX wardrobes that I could configure to work well in our space and fit all my clothes and accessories,” says Marrit. “When we finished decorating the bedroom I was so happy to stop living out of boxes and start using a closet! Being able to find everything makes me feel calm.”

Customize your closet

Adapt and refine your storage as you go along to work out what you really need and how it can work best for you. “We’ve recently updated the inside of our wardrobe with smaller storage boxes,” says Marrit. “Now we have just the right mix of folding and hanging space, with trays and containers for accessories. There’s one side for my husband Jelmer and one side for me.”

“Too much stuff makes me feel restless and anxious. I use storage to organize all my things so I have a calm space I can relax in without distractions”

A portrait of Marrit and her daughter.

Get cozy with color

“Our bedroom was one of the first rooms we renovated,” says Marrit. “At first we painted it white and gray. I’ve got bolder with color the longer we’ve lived here. When we repainted the bedroom in blue, we were surprised at how much warmth it added. I always combine color with fresh white trims – I like the contrast.” The rest of Marrit’s home makes great use of color too.

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Interior stylist: Sam Grigg
Photographer: Nato Welton
Artwork above bed: Cate Adriana www.cateadriana.com
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