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As-is online

Frequently asked questions

  • At IKEA, we offer a range of services to make your lives’ easier and more sustainable. It’s this kind of approach and way of thinking that will help us achieve our goals of becoming a circular business while staying people and planet positive. IKEA wants to make sustainable living easy and affordable for everyone.

  • The As-is department features everything from discontinued items, gently used and even our ex-showroom displays. Although all items may be slightly used, they have been thoroughly inspected to ensure functionality and safety.

  • As-is online is a new service that provides an even more affordable option for IKEA Family members, by allowing them to view and reserve gently used products online. As a Family member, a customer will be able to browse their local store’s collection of As-is items online by visiting

  • Yes. We like to show our IKEA Family members extra special appreciation by offering exclusive benefits and discounts. This service is offered to our IKEA Family members as one of the exclusive benefits. To learn more about the IKEA Family program or to sign up for free, visit

  • We will be piloting the As-is online service in 6 stores, with the pilot starting on February 13, 2023. This service will be piloted at the following IKEA locations:

    • Carson (162)
    • San Diego (166)
    • Costa Mesa (167)
    • Burbank (399)
    • Covina (413)
    • Fishers (536)
  • Yes, based on the pilot results, we are planning to launch As-is online in April as a permanent service in all US locations.

  • If your store is not included to participate in this service, this may be due to certain local/county/state laws that place restrictions on all businesses. Our US Legal and Public Affairs teams will continue to address the stores where we cannot yet operate, and we will update you as soon as anything officially changes. We are working through the process with ambition all stores will be included.

  • To access As-is online, customers navigate to, log in to their IKEA Family account, and browse and reserve available home furnishing item of your choice. Once you reserve your product online, pick-up is available at the As-is pick up window in your local store. The product will be reserved for 48 hours. Once the 48-hour timeframe has expired, the product will be placed back online. After picking up your reserved item, you will head over to the checkout lanes to pay for the product and take it home.To learn more about the IKEA Family program or to sign up for free, visit

    • Navigate to
    • Sign into your IKEA Family account or sign up for the IKEA Family program. The service is currently only available to IKEA Family members.
    • Choose your selected Store from the drop-down menu located on the right.
    • Review and select the product that fits your needs. See the condition of the product by looking at the uploaded photos under the “defects tab” and by reading the comments.
    • Click the reserve button and the product will be reserved for 48 hours. For example, if you book on Monday, the item will be reserved until the store closes on Wednesday night.
    • Go to the selected store during regular business hours and during the 48-hour reserved period.
    • The price posted for the product is the price of the product when purchased in store, additional applicable discounts may apply.
    • Once at the selected store, go to As-is department window and show your reservation number to a coworker to pick up your reserved product.
    • Inspect your product packaging and review any safety information, then bring it to the cash lanes to complete your purchase.
  • As-is online items will not be displayed in the As-is area and will instead be stored in the Warehouse area. You have 48 hours once your reserve your product online, to pickup it in the store. Head to the As-is pickup window to receive your product. If you do not pick it up within the 48 hour timeframe, the product will be placed back on As-is online.

  • Yes. All discounts applicable to As-is products also apply to As-is online products (unless specifically excluded). These applicable discounts include IKEA Family discounts and any relevant offers apply to As-is online products.

  • All products are posted online with photos, a product description, and price. However, if our As-is online posting does not fit with the customer’s in-store assessment or if they are not happy with our pricing,there is no requirement to continue with the transaction.

  • The As-is online service is available for all As-is items.

  • You can pick up and pay for their reserved product at the participating IKEA store within 48 hours of their online product reservation. You’ll pick-up their reserved item by showing the product reservation number at the As-is pick up window in their local store.

  • The customer can pick up their reserved product(s) at the As-is window in the As-is area. After picking up their reserved item, customers will move through the checkout lanes to pay for their product and take it home.

  • Unfortunately, all As-is products (including those reserved using the As-is online service) are excluded from the Return Policy. However, select As-is items are eligible to participate in our Buy Back & Resell service.

    You can find As-is Terms & Conditions here and the full return policy here. You can learn more about the Buy Back & Resell service here.

  • Yes. We will provide the correct secure-it kit (hardware) for the unit.