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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
A better world starts at home
A better world starts at home
You can live a more sustainable life at home that is better for the planet, and great for your wallet too. Things like reducing food waste, using reusable shopping bags, eating more plant-based foods and hanging your clothes to dry, may seem small – but that’s the beauty of small actions, they all add up.
At IKEA we have many money saving products and solutions to help you reduce waste, energy and water consumption. You might already be using some of them without even realizing it. In that case, we salute you accidental environmentalist.
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We’re going all-in for a more sustainable future
Sustainability is important to IKEA. And we know it’s important to you. That’s why we’re going all in on things that really matter, from switching our entire lighting range to energy-efficient LED to sourcing all of the cotton we use in our products from more sustainable sources. You see, we have an ambition to inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live a healthier and more sustainable life at home. Together we can create great change. Let’s get started.
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Climate action starts at home.
A girl sitting by the dinner table holding a plate being served ALLEMANSRÄTTEN veggie balls.
Plant based goodness
What does being healthy mean to you? For us, it’s about making smart everyday choices that are good for both your body and the environment. It’s about eating a more balanced diet containing less meat and a rich variety of vegetables and plant-based foods. We want to create food that not only supports this goal but is also delicious and affordable. To give you products that make being healthy an easy choice.
Did you know?
Recent research shows that going vegan for a day could reduce the carbon footprint from your food by up to 73%.

The climate impact of the veggie hot dog we serve in the IKEA Bistro is 7 times lower than our classic hot dog. Choose the cool dog next time and lower your carbon footprint.
A woman standing by the sink rinsing a bunch of radishes using the ÄLMAREN kitchen faucet
Tapping into more ways to use less water
Experts say that less than 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water. We can all contribute to conserving this precious, shared resource. That’s why we offer kitchen and bathroom faucets and shower heads that reduce water consumption by up to 50%. Because every drop counts.
Did you know?
Avoiding unnecessary flushes can save over 1.5 gallons of water per flush – and a lot more if you have an older toilet. If it’s yellow it can mellow.
A girl wearing pajamas lying in bed at night reading a book using a night light.
Save money and the planet, without leaving your home
There are many small things you can do to help you live a more energy conscious and sustainable life at home. Just by airdrying your clothes, turning off lights and idle electronics before you leave the home and only washing full loads of dishes and clothes, you’ll do the environment and your wallet a huge favor. To help you along the way, we’ve also developed a series of products that will reduce your carbon footprint even further without compromising on your quality of life.
Did you know?
By closing your curtains at dusk, you can cut down heat loss through your windows by around 10%.
A man using three IKEA 365+ food containers to prepare lunch boxes.
There’s no time to waste
From creating a personalized recycling station in the kitchen to making weekly dinner menus and storing leftovers in the freezer, preventing waste by only using what we need, is a simple way to save money by. And it’s something everybody can do.
Did you know?
Roughly a third of the food produced for human consumption worldwide every year gets lost or wasted.
A boy wearing a red t-shirt opening up yellow curtains to let the sun in.
Home solar
Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. Home solar from IKEA makes it possible for you as a homeowner to use the sun to power everyday life and manage electricity usage more efficiently. It gives more control of your energy bills while helping the planet with clean, renewable energy. A good life at home starts on the roof.
Did you know?
Home solar customers save on average $400 on their electricity bill in a year.
A silver colored mobile phone featuring the IKEA Better Living App next to the IKEA logo and “Better Living” slogan
Ready to take the next step?
The IKEA Better Living App gives you tips and ideas on simple actions that immediately effect your climate footprint. Find out the impact your everyday actions make in real-time, and why not challenge and inspire others to act? Because remember, even though the actions may seem small, they add up to make a big difference when many of us do them together!
Download the Better Living app where you usually download your apps.
Power to the people
The IKEA Foundation is committed to helping eradicate energy poverty in some of the world’s poorest communities. That is why it is supporting our "A better world starts at home" campaign by investing over 40 million euros in programs run by five partners to bring renewable energy to families, helping them power up their communities and their futures because energy gives families power. Renewable energy gives families a future.
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By encouraging climate-smart agriculture, One Acre Fund is supplying 290,000 farmers in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with the tools they need to feed their families, light their homes, and adapt to a changing climate.
A black and white Habitat for Humanity logo.A green One Acre Fund logo
By involving communities, governments, families and local enterprises in designing, supporting and providing access to renewable energy solutions, Habitat for Humanity aims to make renewable energy the default choice for homes, helping approximately 70,000 children and their families in Uganda.
By setting up and investing in local renewable-energy enterprises, SELCO Foundation will help 160,000 adults and 400,000 children from vulnerable communities have healthier homes and enjoy better healthcare and educational opportunities in India.
A black and white Rainforest Alliance logo featuring a frog.A red SELCO foundation logo.
By scaling up the use of biomass fuels and supporting energy-efficient practices, the Rainforest Alliance will help 50,000 farmers improve their incomes, cut their carbon emissions and create healthier homes for their families in Kenya.
Learn more at
A blue UNHCR logo.A red SELCO foundation logo.
By providing access to renewable energy to refugee camps and host communities, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, will support 60,000 children and families in Rwanda and Jordan, so they can lead safer, healthier and more productive lives.