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We hope you’ve got an appetite

Enjoy a delicious taste of Sweden at your IKEA store. Take a break in the Restaurant with a Swedish-style dish or local favorite. After checkout, grab a quick pick-me-up at the Bistro. And, before you go, explore the Swedish Food Market for take-home meals and treats. We’ve made sure it’s all sustainable, so it’s better for you and the planet.

Store-bought gingerbreads, homemade or somewhere in-between? What really matter is being together while enjoying something good to eat. Combine VINTERSAGA range of Christmas treats with Swedish food specialties to bring the magic to this most playful of feasts.
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Get a taste of a Swedish Christmas with IKEA VINTERSAGA mulled fruit drink. It gets its typical spicy flavor from cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Complete the Swedish winter version of fika with a fairtytale VINTERSAGA gingerbread dough.
Winter collection 2018
IKEA SJÖRAPPORT smoked salmon meets strict social and environmental standards.
Time for some chocolate indulgence
Take a break and try something new with BELÖNING chocolates from IKEA. In flavors like lingonberry, orange/almond mix and coffee nibs, there’s a treat for every taste.
Treat yourself to BELÖNING chocolate that’s UTZ-certified and comes in exciting tastes like lingonberries, an orange/almond mix or coffee nibs.
BELÖNING Milk chocolate bar $1.59 BELÖNING Dark chocolate bar 60% $1.59 BELÖNING Dark chocolate bar 60% $1.59
Enjoy some Swedish flavors
The IKEA Restaurant menu includes kids meals, organic and plant-based options and Swedish classics.
Pop in for a quick snack, indulge in a tasty treat or settle down for a hearty meal – the IKEA Restaurant has something for every taste, at appetizing prices. The menu includes kids meals, organic and vegetarian options, healthy choices and Swedish classics. Come on in and take a seat.
Check what’s on the menu at your local store
In the IKEA Restaurant you can have some truly Swedish meals, like meatballs and mashed potatoes with lingonberry sauce.
With your IKEA FAMILY card our flavorful, UTZ certified and organic coffee is FREE in the IKEA Restaurant.
Free coffee for IKEA FAMILY members
With your IKEA FAMILY card our flavorful, UTZ certified regular and decaf coffees are free in the IKEA Restaurant- all day, every day. In the mood for something different? We also have specialty coffees available at a low cost. Plus, we always offer at least one dish at a special IKEA FAMILY price.
Swedish meatball meal from IKEA Restaurant
Top view of a plate of meatballs made of salmon with mashed potatoes and vegetables.
with Rhubarb Habanero sauce
Top view of a plate with pork loin and gravy, quinoa and vegetables.
with chocolate ganache
Chocolate Conspiracy Cake from the IKEA Restaurant
Chocolate Conspiracy
with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables
(veggie balls also available)
IKEA Kids' Meals for 12 and under
Grilled chicken
with carrots, strawberries and string cheese
Vegetable Balls
with tomato-spinach ragout,
ancient grains and seasonal
Swedish meatballs
Chicken tenders
with french fries
IKEA Kids' Meals for 12 and under
Refuel before you head home
After checkout and before the journey home, the whole family can grab a drink or a bite to eat at the IKEA Bistro. Treat the little ones to a frozen yogurt for their good behavior and top up your energy levels after a successful shop. At the IKEA Bistro honest, tasty food is unbeatable value.
Get details of your local IKEA Bistro
Non-fat frozen vanilla yogurt cone
Non-fat frozen vanilla yogurt cone
160 cal
2 hot dogs, a bag of chips, and a soda from the IKEA Bistro
2 Hot Dogs, Chips
& Soda
Image of several vegetable hot dogs arranged on cardboard plates and a metal serving stand. Veggie dogs are topped with pickled red-cabbage, sweet and spicy mustard, and toasted onions.
The new twist on an old favorite
We’ve created a flavor-packed veggie hot dog- a vegetable-based alternative to our iconic meat-based hot dog. Topped with pickled red cabbage, sweet and spicy mustard, and toasted onions, this vegetarian treat is only 75 cents. Surprise your taste buds and try a plant-based meal next time you visit our IKEA Bistro!

“People’s interest in food, especially food that’s good for them and the planet, continues to grow. Plant-based ingredients are more sustainable than red meat as the CO2 emission per kilo is significantly lower. The new veggie hotdog is a more sustainable option that caters to the needs of the many people: vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians and anyone who enjoys good food!”

-Freyja Frimannsdottir, corporate communications manager for IKEA Food

Watch the short film about our plant-based veggie hot dog
Tastes around the world
A young couple eating hors d’oeuvres at a party.People preparing different vegetables in a kitchen
A food journey to be continued
Travelling the globe in search of new and better food, from the Andes in Peru, across the world’s oceans, and even to the ocean floor. Come with us and discover all the great tastes of the world.
Get your ticket for the food journey with IKEA
Get a taste for IKEA recipes
From ocean flavors for seafood lovers, to the good old Swedish meatball. Fish, meat, vegetable balls and ready in as little as a minute. Something for you, whatever you’re hungry for.
See our delicious recipes
IKEA food: Right now at IKEA | Restaurant | Bistro | Recipes | Swedish Food Market | Sustainability | IKEA FAMILY
Favorites to bring home
In the IKEA Swedish Food Market you can buy meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce, and bring them home.
If you love the meal you had in the restaurant, swing by the IKEA Swedish Food Market and pick up some food products to bring home. Why not our classic Swedish dish of meatballs, mashed potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam? For variation, we have chicken meatballs and veggie balls as well – and a wide range of salmon products if you want to try more Swedish flavors. Family food that’s quick and easy to prepare and oh so yummy, while giving you great value for money.
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In the IKEA Swedish Food Market you can buy frozen veggie balls and bring them home. ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Vegetable balls, frozen $7.99 ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Vegetable balls, frozen $7.99 ALLEMANSRÄTTEN Meatballs, frozen $8.99
Food you can feel good about
Sustainably sourced salmon swimming in water.
Salmon. Good and good for you.
Salmon makes for a delicious and nutritious meal. With just two or three servings a week you’ll meet your body’s need for omega-3 fatty acids while getting a good dose of antioxidants, protein, iodine and vitamins D, A and B12.
IKEA Salmon fillet with lemon-dill sauce and veggie medallions
Taste it in-store
Visit the IKEA Restaurant to try our mouthwatering salmon dishes.
Get details of your local IKEA Restaurant
Enjoy it at home
Pick up your salmon at the IKEA Swedish Food Market. (We sell cool bags too.)
See all meat, fish & seafoodGet inspired by our seafood recipes
Close up of an IKEA package of 4 frozen salmon fillets. SJÖRAPPORT Salmon fillet $11.99
Responsibly sourced salmon
Healthy and tasty fish makes for healthy and happy customers. That’s why IKEA is part of a dialogue with global environmental experts to develop responsible salmon farming standards that are better for the fish and for the environment. All IKEA salmon comes from Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified farms. Watch the video for a look behind the scenes of why we choose to serve salmon that is not only tasty for you, but also better for our planet.
Learn more about “Food you can feel good about”
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Supporting a more sustainable agriculture and better animal welfare
We believe in a new vision for the food industry. One which positively impacts the lives of people, the planet and also the lives of animals. That’s why the IKEA Food Better Programs support a shift towards better animal welfare and a more sustainable food system.
Read more about IKEA Food Better ProgramsIKEA Food Better Programs support a shift towards better animal welfare and a more sustainable food system.
● Save on 3 bags of meatballs in the Swedish Food Market- $19.99 for Members,
$23.97 - $26.97 for Non-Members. Choose any 3 bags of the following: KÖTTBULLAR meatballs, KYCKLING KÖTTBULLAR chicken meatballs, or GRÖNSAKSBULLAR vegetable meatballs.
Get more from IKEA every time you visit! IKEA FAMILY is our FREE loyalty program. You get our flavorful, UTZ Certified coffee FREE in the IKEA Restaurant – all day, everyday, special offers and find out about events first.
IKEA® FAMILY Member Offers

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October 31st, 2018 – December 18th, 2018
● Try our seasonal Turkey Medallion Entrée for just $6.99 in the restaurant
and enjoy a slice of Pumpkin Pie for just $1. A total savings of $.99.
October 3rd, 2018 – December 18th, 2018
Plate of Turkey medallions with mashed potatoes and vegetables, and an adjacent plate of a slice of pumpkin pie on a white oak wood surface.