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Underbed storage bags & bins

Shop underbed storage solutions from IKEA, with styles and sizes to suit beds of varying heights. Our affordable under bed storage bins, boxes and drawers are ideal for keeping extra bedding, pillows and clothes out-of-sight but within easy reach. Our underbed storage containers include lidded plastic totes, baskets, storage drawers on wheels, zip-around cases and more. 

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More optionsSONGESAND Underbed storage box, set of 2 Full/Double/Twin/Single

SONGESAND Underbed storage box, set of 2, brown, Full/Double/Twin/SingleSONGESAND Underbed storage box, set of 2, brown, Queen/KingSONGESAND Underbed storage box, set of 2, white, Queen/King

More optionsHEMNES Underbed storage box, set of 2 Twin/Full

HEMNES Underbed storage box, set of 2, black-brown, Twin/FullHEMNES Underbed storage box, set of 2, black-brown, Queen/KingHEMNES Underbed storage box, set of 2, dark gray stained, Twin/FullHEMNES Underbed storage box, set of 2, dark gray stained, Queen/KingHEMNES Underbed storage box, set of 2, white stain, Queen/King
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Underbed storage solutions for every style and need

At IKEA, making the most of every inch of space is the foundation of our thoughtful designs. Our underbed storage takes this to the next level, with dozens of stylish solutions to choose from.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few things to ask yourself when deciding which of our under bed storage bins best meets your needs…

  • Will they be visible? If your underbed containers will be fully tucked beneath the bed and not visible without being pulled out, the look and style will be of less concern. However, if they will be closer to the edge, an attractive basket or solid colored storage container is worth considering 
  • Do I want to clearly see what’s inside? If you want to easily see what’s inside a container without even pulling it out, consider our clear plastic storage totes to save time and frustration. On the flip side, if you prefer privacy or the visual calm of your clutter being fully corralled, an opaque storage bag or drawer might be a better fit 
  • How often will I be pulling this underbed storage out? If you’ll be using your under bed storage bins for everyday essentials like clothes and socks, wheeled storage drawers and lightweight storage cases with handles make things easy

Under bed storage bins keep your closet fully functional

Repeat after us: Out of season, out of closet and dresser! If you’re like many people without enough storage space, your closet is crammed with clothes for all seasons. Not only does this often result in wrinkles and fallen hangers—it makes it much more difficult to find what you’re looking for. 

Now imagine if every item in your closet, armoire and bedroom dresser was for the current season only? How much quicker and more enjoyable would getting ready be? Under bed storage bins help make it possible, with sizes and materials to suit all your out-of-season storage needs. 

Our wide variety of underbed storage solutions transform your unused space into a functional place to keep your things neatly organized. Store extra clothes, shoes, accessories, bedding or whatever you want out of sight, but still within easy reach. At the same time, you’ll enjoy having one place less to vacuum with no room beneath the bed for monsters or dust bunnies to hide!