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Storage containers, organizers & baskets

Need something to pack the summer clothes in until next year? Or the kids' football stuff until next week? Explore our home storage and find ways to contain these things and more. Go for a transparent option if you want to see at a glance what's inside the box.

Beauty in a box

The new LJUNGAN baskets come with a unique design in braided jute made by Classical in Bangladesh, a social business that helps create jobs for women in rural areas. These baskets can store many things, but the truth is they look so good you might care more for the container than for the content.

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A LJUNGAN basket, made from jute in two different shades, placed on top of a pedestal in a space with pink walls.
A jute LJUNGAN basket with lid placed on top of a pedestal and with its lid off, leaning against the side of the basket.
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Achieve instant zen with neat storage cases and shoe boxes

A couple of versatile HEMMAFIXARE storage cases and shoe boxes is all it takes to achieve that satisfying feeling of order. Simply store clothes, shoes and home textiles that you don’t often use and tuck them away, freeing up space and creating calm in your room.

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HEMMAFIXARE storage cases with clothing in them and HEMMAFIXARE shoe boxes with shoes are placed neatly in a wardrobe.
Two HEMMAFIXARE shoe boxes with their flaps open, revealing a pair of sneakers and a pair of flats in each box.
Two HEMMAFIXARE storage cases are stacked on top of each other on a shelf, with one partly unzipped showing folded clothing.
An unzipped HEMMAFIXARE storage case with folded clothing in it is placed on top of a 3-seat sofa-bed.
A striped white and gray HEMMAFIXARE storage case is partly unzipped, with a folded chunky knit sweater in it.
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Storage containers: the unseen helpers of your home

Nobody enjoys a game of hide and seek with their belongings, especially when time is of the essence. Whether it's your keys, a pair of socks, or even that elusive phone that seems to wander off when you're not watching, the right storage container can be your ultimate clutter solution. Small items tend to find their way into every corner of your home, and with our diverse collection of home storage containers, we've got all your storage needs covered.

Finding the perfect storage totes for you

Our plastic storage bins come in as many styles as the rooms in your home – blending seamlessly with the rest of your space. Transform your living room into an airy haven by employing boxes and baskets. These are perfect for taming media gadgets, throw blankets, and miscellaneous items. With a range of underbed storage options, you'll gain ample space for extra linens, shoes, or off-season clothing. From jewelry and keepsakes to craft supplies, our compartmentalized boxes and drawer organizers swiftly bring harmony to your cherished items. Removable dividers offer endless customization, ensuring your space suits your unique requirements.