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Not all showers you take in a day are the same. When you wake up, you need an invigorating massage experience, but evening showers should be relaxing, preparing you for a good night sleep. That’s why we designed showers with different functions you select according to your needs.

Shower sets & rails – for an uncompromising shower experience

Do you feel bad about those long and invigorating showers? With our range of shower riser rails and shower sets, you can spend quality time in the shower while saving water and energy in the process.

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A white-tiled bathroom with two shelves in stainless steel and a BROGRUND shower set. There is a towel rack with two towels.
A white LILLREVET hand shower spraying water, with a white-tiled wall in the background.
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Chrome-plated, BROGRUND riser rail with handshower kit, mounted on a wall with a tray that holds a sponge and soap dispenser.

You can use up to 30% less water if you change your old shower for an IKEA shower with a flow regulator.

Want to cool off after a hot day? Fancy freshening up before a night out? Need to wake up and feel reinvigorated in the morning? A shower might be just the thing you need. Luckily, we’ve got some great bathroom showers for you to choose from, sure to cover all your showering needs. With the right shower, you will not only make your bathroom look nicer, but also enjoy the time spent there even more.

Shower heads

The shower head decides both the look and feel of your shower. In our range, you’ll find shower heads that can offer both a pleasant mist and an intense massaging stream. We also offer different styles so that your shower head matches both your taste and the rest of your bathroom.

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The best shower mixers are durable and easy to keep clean. That’s why all our mixers are made of durable chrome plated brass that is easy to wipe down. They also come with a 10-year guarantee.

But that’s not all! They also look good and are easy to adjust to set your preferred stream pressure and temperature. Get the right look and feel of your shower with one of our shower mixers.

Shower sets & rails

Our complete shower sets and rails give you a shower head and a riser rail that can be positioned at whichever height you prefer.

Some of our shower sets come with a specific shower head fixed on top, a so-called head shower. These shower heads give wide, even coverage of water, providing a calming rainfall sensation when showering. If you want to upgrade your mixer, we have sets that come with matching shower mixers. Or you can choose to just add a riser rail and shower set to your existing mixer.

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Shelves and accessories

Tired of stepping over shampoo bottles on the floor? Or knocking the soap off of the edge of the bathtub? If you want to keep all your essentials within arm’s reach, you’ll need shower caddies, shelves or baskets. That way, your clutter won’t interfere with your zen when having a relaxing shower. Keep your necessities neat and tidy, but still handy, with our clever shower accessories.

Shower curtains

Add your personal style to your bathroom with a pretty shower curtain. In our range you’ll find colorful and fun patterns as well as minimalistic and clean one-colored options. And they all protect your bathroom from splashing water.

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