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Whatever the occasion, food is more enjoyable when you have something nice to serve it in. As well as lots of basic essentials, we have serveware and serving platters designed to match the main styles in our collections, so you can serve up a completely coordinated table with matching serving platters to boot.

Accessories to serve your salad season

Is there anything on the summer menu that can’t be turned into a delicious salad? Maybe, but just in case, make sure you have the right bowls and tools to complement those fresh, colorful meals – whether as a centerpiece or on the side.

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An outdoor, sunlit table set with salad in a BLANDA MATT bamboo serving bowl, SVALKA wine glasses and other tableware.
A tabletop with a bamboo BLANDA MATT serving bowl filled with salad, placed next to side dishes in smaller, matt green bowls.
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A tray for tasty treats

Breakfasts in bed, dinners or midnight snacks – OSTBIT tray in renewable bamboo adds extra zest to any occasion.

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An OSTBIT tray on top of white bed linen, holding a white vase with a twig in it, and a small plate with a fried egg on it.
One corner of an OSTBIT bamboo tray on white bed linen, showing the raised edge, and with a white plate on it.
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Host in style with everything you need in serveware from IKEA

Put the fruit of all your prep time and flawless execution at the stove or barbecue grill on stylish display with attractive materials and designs that will help any delicious meal shine.

Bring hefty barbeque beef ribs or a whole head of roasted cauliflower to the table with stunning stoneware or glass serving dishes & plates. Find elegant, decorative serving platters fit for showcasing hor d'oeuvres or whole grilled branzino. Choose cake stands that spin or have tiers to help you put the icing on a perfect dinner party.

Pour popcorn for the entire family into attractive glass, stoneware or feldspar porcelain serving bowls that you can also use to mix ingredients, serve side dishes or store leftovers.

Carry finger foods, meals, cocktails or desserts to the couch or backyard patio with food trays that you can eat off of or use as serving trays. Pair a smart design that includes raised edges, handles, and even legs (for breakfast in bed), with stunning materials such as bamboo or brass colored stainless steel. These food platters will make watching a movie and enjoying soup and grilled cheese from your lap a hit as much as any fancy dinner party you can put together.

Frequently asked questions about serveware

How to use food platters

Use serveware to carry cocktails to dinner guests before everyone is seated or to bring cups of juice to all the kiddies. Find trays that prop themselves up to enjoy breakfast in bed with your significant other. Even find covered serving trays that help you enjoy sweet treats at breakfast outdoors without worry about anything buzzing around them.

How to serve food at a party

With style and grace, of course. Make everyone think you took notes from your favorite binge-worthy period piece TV show by pairing elegance and function by matching stylish kitchen towels with stunning IKEA serving trays. Don’t want the attractive whiskey glasses holding old fashioneds on a stainless steel tray to slide around on your way to your comfy patio furniture? Place a dish towel with minimalist design underneath. Darker kitchen towels atop serving platters or trays are also a great way to serve fried chicken, vegetable tempura or anything else hot from the fryer.