Mattress toppers

Place a pad on your mattress for an even greater night’s sleep. It’ll help keep your mattress in better condition too. You can choose between various fillings and materials – but all of our pillow tops are easily removed to air and clean. So you can keep your bed fresh and inviting every day. In bed.

Keep your bed fresher

A pillow top also helps you keep your bed fresher and your mattress in better condition. The pillow top absorbs moist and sweat from your body instead of letting it sink into the mattress. The topper is then easy to clean, you can easily take it out of bed and air out the whole thing. Some of our pillow tops also have covers that can be removed and machine washed, making them even easier to keep clean and fresh.

If you like eating or drinking in bed and are worried about spilling, we’d recommend you get a mattress protector. They are easy to machine wash and you can put them on top of both a pillow top or directly on the mattress.