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Napkins & napkin holders

Our napkins love parties since they’re colorful, stylish and convenient. They fit directly into our napkin holders that stand upright or lay flat. There are unique napkin and napkin holder designs that are a great fit for different seasons, too. Our napkin holders can fit a hundred napkins neatly in place, so they're always handy on the table when you need them.

Setting the table with a sense of summer

Whether enjoying them outdoors or inside, summer meals have a fresh, light quality to them. Get inspired to add the festive details – napkin holder, tableware and decorations – to let your table setting match its summery surroundings.

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A mealtime setting of a TILLSTÄLLNING brass-colored napkin holder, glasses and patterned plates on a sunlit wooden surface.
A TILLSTÄLLNING brass-colored napkin holder next to a plate, cutlery and a filled glass on a sunlit wooden surface.
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Unique napkin holders for every occasion

For holidays or dinner parties, go with the classic look of a stainless steel napkin holder with a curvy, triangular design and stunning gold color. Or choose the farmhouse décor style of a metal napkin holder in white with a floral design within a square frame.

Find rustic napkin baskets such as one made with sustainable water hyacinth fibers. Pair these flat napkin holders with wooden countertops or sideboards in any kitchen or dining room featuring traditional Scandi décor style.

Taking the party to your porch or backyard patio? Store napkins neatly and securely with an angular black plastic napkin holder that snugly holds paper napkins in place. Or go with a napkin holder that resembles a mini coffee table. The surface curves inward to cradle luncheon napkins. And don’t worry about them blowing away from your backyard picnic tables—a metal ball attached to a stainless steel wire will keep them in place.

You can’t have a fun napkin holder without colorful napkins

What’s a napkin holder without napkins? Thankfully, IKEA has a wide variety of colorful and decorative paper napkins to help you avoid this existential spiral. Find them in pastel colors, with modern art line drawings or decorative floral designs on napkins that resemble fine linen. Find pre-folded paper napkins that make putting together table settings for dinner parties a breeze. The open, functional design of IKEA napkin holders pairs well with floral patterns and colorful napkins ranging in size from 6¼x12½" to over 15 x 15”. And with affordable packs of up to 150 disposable napkins available from IKEA, it’s easy to stock up for whatever birthday or cocktail party you have lined up.

Frequently asked questions about napkin holders

How do you use a napkin holder?

To put colorful, decorative paper napkins from IKEA on display while further expressing your style with napkin holders with eye-pleasing modern designs, natural materials such as water hyacinth fiber or festive bright colors such as gold.

What to do with napkin holders?

Put your sense of style on display while putting out pre-folded napkins from IKEA for your next dinner party or holiday get together.