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Mattress bases and accessories

A mattress base has two clear advantages that can be a real deal maker for some people. First of all, they make your bed higher. This makes getting in and out of bed a lot easier. It also adds some style to your bed. A higher bed can look more elegant according to many people. Also, don’t forget that making your bed isn easier since you don’t have to bend over as much.

The second clear advantage with a mattress base is that it offers extra support for your mattress. This leads to a longer life span for your mattress with it staying firmer and in its proper shape for a longer time. Lastly, this also makes your bed even more comfortable. Your weight is more evenly distributed and you also get extra support.

Style your bed as you like

A bed takes up a central part of any bedroom, and quite some space in any room you put it in. This makes the look and style of it nearly as important as how it feels.

A mattress base is one way to add some style to the look of your bed, depending on your personal taste. But there are also other ways to change the way your bed is presented.


A good headboard is another way to change the way your bed looks. Choose one that matches with your mattress base and you’ve got a stylish bed that suits your personal taste.


The easiest way to style your bed and change colors and textures after season or your mood is by changing the bedding. In our wide selection you can find both throws and cushions in a lot of different colors, materials and textures. Hopefully you can find just the style you like