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Leisure & travel

We love furniture. But sometimes, small details can make a big difference, too. That's the idea behind our Leisure & Safety products. All are designed to help you create a better life at home. By helping you make it safer. By making it easier to live a more active lifestyle. And by giving you lots of inspiration for getting the home you've always wanted.

Work out outdoors

View it as a miniature camping trip – that builds strength and character to boot. Pack an exercise mat, snacks, water bottle and whatnot in your bag and head out to find the right spot for your personal pop-up gym.

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See all bags
A story about sustainable bags for a mobile lifestyle.

Modern bags for a mobile lifestyle

Want to make it easier to live an active life on-the-go? Whether you like to work out over lunch or prefer hiking in the afternoon, VÄRLDENS bags are practical, sturdy, and stylish too.

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Quick guides to a more sustainable home