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Kitchen sinks

One bowl or two? Stainless steel or ceramic? With or without a drainer? Our kitchen sinks come in a wide range of types and sizes. You're sure to find what you need, whatever the size and style of your kitchen. Don't forget to complement your choice with one of our water-saving taps.

Types of kitchen sinks

The sink and the area around it is one of the busiest places in the kitchen. You use it for everything from preparing food and rinsing vegetables, to storing dirty dishes and cleaning up. To make these activities as easy as possible, choose a sink and sink accessories that match your needs and the way you work in the kitchen.

Single bowl sinks

If space is an issue, one single bowl is a good option. Plus, in a big single bowl you can easily wash large pots and pans. Combine with sink accessories to make the bowl as functional as possible.

Double bowl sinks

Having two bowls is ideal if you have a lot going on at the same time. For example, if one of the bowls is piling up with dirty dishes, you can still rinse off vegetables and the like in the other.

1½ bowl sinks

A one and a half bowl sink gives you the same advantages as a double bowl sink, but in a smaller area.

Sinks with drainboard

A sink with a drainboard is ideal for drying dishes, as the sloping surface makes excess water flow back into the bowl. Our sink with drainboard is reversible, so you can choose if you want the drainboard to the left or to the right.

Choosing a kitchen sink

1. How much space have you allocated for the sink? Our sink cabinets are 24, 30 or 36" wide.

2. Think about how you prepare food, but also how you clean up. Do you have adishwasheror do you wash the dishes by hand? Do you need one bowl, two bowls or a sink with drainboard?

3. Complete your sink with sink accessories that help you organize the area in and around the sink, both when you prepare food and when you clean up.