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Kids have a lot of work to do – like developing who they are and discovering the world. Having the right things at home can make things easier. From the day you bring them home to when they're all grown up, our children’s playroom furniture will help you turn your home into the best possible playground.

Chairs and desks for learning in comfort

An organized desk with room for all those study essentials and a comfortable chair should make focusing on homework easier. And you can adjust the height of our kids’ desk chairs and many desks as your child grows.

See all kids furniture
See all kids furniture
All cookware and tableware.

Good habits start early

Measuring, mixing, setting the table – having the kids help out in the kitchen is not only fun, it’s educational. And a great chance to teach them how to eat more healthily.

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New highlights in arts and crafts

Here are some new products in the arts and crafts range. Why not check out all the options and find your favorites to help your kids make the most of their creativity?

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See all arts & crafts
Four LADDA rechargeable batteries, HR6 AA with a battery capacity of 2450 mAh, lie in a row on a yellow surface.

Find out how rechargeable batteries can help you make sure your kid’s toys don’t stop during all the fun.

Quick guides to a more sustainable home