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Holiday foods

Once all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree, it’s time to set the table with your favorite Christmas foods from IKEA! Many of our holiday foods are popular year-round, while others make a limited time appearance for the winter season. Our holiday foods include savory sauces and meatballs, ginger treats, sparkling festive drinks and more. Want to help Santa in making an early Christmas morning even more exciting? Add bagged coffee and chocolate bars to your Christmas foods shopping list for two stocking stuffers they can open that morning!

Celebrate Easter with a Swedish twist

No need to eat pickled herring to celebrate the Swedish way – although it’s delicious. The traditional Swedish Easter drink DRYCK PÅSKMUST will do the trick, together with the VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate eggs and milk chocolate bunny. What’s more Swedish than a dessert you put together yourself?

A basket containing the VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate bunny, milk chocolate eggs, and the DRYCK PÅSKMUST Swedish Easter drink.
A VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate bunny placed on a set up table with some colored eggs.
A woman and a child looking at a counter with a VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate bunny and some VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate eggs on it.
A hand pouring some DRYCK PÅSKMUST Swedish Easter drink into a glass.
A set up table with some VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate eggs placed into a paper Easter egg.