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Flatware & cutlery

Our wide range of flatware, cutlery and silverware sets blend quality and affordability, making it easy for you to add your style to the table. Our flatware collection offers a great variety of cutlery sets featuring packs of knives, salad forks, dessert spoons, complete dinner sets and much more. All IKEA flatware, cutlery and silverware are available in many unique styles, including elegant curvy stainless steel designs to wooden utensils with handles for a more rustic look.

Classic dine design

Special days or every day – the simple but elegant FÖRNUFT 24-piece cutlery set will add extra flavor to your table settings.

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Six teaspoons on a table in front of three cutlery holders holding forks, knives, spoons, all from the FÖRNUFT cutlery set.
A pile of white plates that has a white bowl filled with cereal on top, with a FÖRTNUFT spoon beside it.
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Find the perfect flatware, cutlery and silverware sets for your dining table

Browse stainless steel cutlery with a clean design that goes well with whatever style you’re looking to express. From everyday flatware to silverware for special occasions such as the holidays or big dinner parties, find affordable options with IKEA.

You can also find serving sets for help sharing and enjoying cakes, salads, dessert and any casserole fresh from the oven.

And don’t forget the little ones. From all plastic utensils for kids just getting started, to plastic and stainless steel to all metal, find kids cutlery to make any child feel at home at the dinner table.

We offer a wide variety of silverware sets, perfect for your dining experience

Find flatware sets in a variety of sizes—16, 18, 20 and 56-piece—to stock up for your next dinner party or level up your cutlery for a growing family. You can also browse 4- or 6-packs in knives, spoons, forks and chopsticks, as well as travel flatware sets.

In addition to everyday cutlery, browse stainless steel utensils crafted with small details that create elegant expressions. Choose modern cutlery with a traditional look that is a balance between graceful and rustic, lightweight and sturdy, in true modern Nordic décor style where form equals enjoyment in more than just function.

Want a different look? From artfully elongated teaspoons to silverware with fun, colorful plastic handles, there’s a variety of options for any look, including silverware sets in matte black or gold that resemble a minimalist font. Find robust and classic stainless steel steak knives with laminated veneer handles fit for any traditional Scandi table. Go with the rustic look of bamboo chopsticks or serving tongs.

Frequently asked questions about flatware

What is typically included in a flatware set?

It depends on the size of the flatware set. For instance, in a 16-piece flatware set from IKEA, you can get a fork, knife, spoon and teaspoon. A 20-piece cutlery set adds a salad fork. With an affordable 56-piece flatware set from IKEA, you get 8 each of the following: fork, knife, spoon, teaspoon, dessert/salad fork, dessert/salad knife and dessert/salad spoon. Flatware sets can include two spoons—one for soups and one for tea or dessert—as well as two forks—one for salads or dessert, as well as one for the main course.

What is flatware, and how does it compare with cutlery and silverware?

Flatware and cutlery are anything you need to serve and enjoy a meal. Since IKEA flatware is made with stainless steel, you can also call it silverware.

How do I clean flatware?

In the dishwasher or with the help of dishwashing accessories that add convenience while making cleanups a breeze.

How do I set flatware on a table?

Utensils are set in the order in which they’re used, from right to left. So teaspoon or coffee spoon, salad fork, bread knife, soup spoon, dinner knife and entrée fork.