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Cookware & tableware

Keep a coordinated table setting, or mix and match. Stick to a classic look or change up your table décor according to the season. When it comes to setting the table, there are no rules. So create a look that works for you from our selection of crockery, tableware, cutlery, table linens and more.

Add a hand-crafted feel to your table

Dinnerware in natural colors and materials will create a look and feel that’s inviting and harmonious. The occasional colorful accent will add a little zest.

See all dinnerware
See all dinnerware

Seasonal inspiration by the spoonful

A light lunch is an ideal excuse to gather some friends. Decorative plates, a nice cutlery set, and the past summer’s greatest hits in a vase. Voila, you’re set for undistracted focus on the food, your guests, and the moment.

See all cutlery sets
See all cutlery sets

Discover some of our most popular series

RINNIG series.
RINNIG series
KORKEN series.
KORKEN series
IKEA 365+ dinnerware.
IKEA 365+ dinnerware
VARDAGEN series.
STORSINT series.

Less waste, more taste!

By using IKEA 365+ containers and aroma-tight seals, you can save food and keep it fresh for days.

See all food containers
See all food containers

Food prep made easy

With the right basic tools like a mandolin, chopping board and a sharp knife, everyday food prep is easier – and can even be fun.

Quick guides to a more sustainable home