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Coffee & tea accessories

Ice cold with a slice of lemon, or hot and frothy with lots of milk? Here you'll find everything you need to make your perfect cup of tea or coffee. Also, we have different styles of vacuum flasks to keep things at the right temperature—hot or cold—and a range of coffee and tea accessories like frothers and tumblers!

Get everything you need to start your morning off right with coffee or tea

Don’t talk to us either until we’ve had our morning cup of coffee or tea. However you take your caffeinated pick-me-up in the morning or in the afternoon, IKEA has you covered with everything you need to get on with your day while being your best self.

Fill up coffee mugs & tea cups with whatever gets you going. These dishwasher safe and microwave safe mugs come in a variety of attractive materials from tempered glass, to feldspar porcelain or glazed stoneware in a variety of colors and with decorative elements.

Heat things up with tea kettles, pots & accessories, including tea infusers.

Get everything you need to brew coffee like a barista with coffee makers and accessories, ranging from coffee pots to coffee makers and milk frothers.

Want to keep iced coffee cold amid the scorching temperatures of summer or take hot coffee on the go with you? Find vacuum flasks that can keep beverages warm or cold for up to 6 hours.

Frequently asked questions about coffee and tea accessories

Can you make tea in a coffee maker?

Yes. A French press is great for making tea as it strains out tea leaves just as it does coffee grinds.

How do you froth milk?

Heat milk to scalding (150°F) in a milk frothing jug on the stove, remove from the heat & apply a milk frother for 15-20 seconds. Find everything you need for lattes and cappuccinos with IKEA, including milk frothers and milk frothing jugs in coffee makers and accessories.