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Red beds

In need of a colorful bed with smart storage? Look no further. We have a wide range of red beds in different styles and designs. Our red beds, bed frames and sleeper modules offer lots of possibilities for a stylish bedroom or a cozy reading corner. Explore your options here!

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The advantages of a red bed frame

Give yourself that comfortable sleep you've always needed with a high-quality IKEA red bed. With a wide selection of stylish red bed frames, you can be sure to find the right one for you. Choose whatever size you desire, from twin all the way to king, all in different designs to perfectly suit your bedroom décor.

Red bed frames feel energetic

Red is a color known for its passionate energy. Depending on the shade, a red bed can turn your space into anything from a rustic cottage look, an old world bedroom, or something more sleek and contemporary. Right now, red is very popular in the interior design world since it instantly draws you into a space. Add this effect to your bedroom by choosing a red bed frame for your home.

What décor goes well with a red bed?

A red bed can fit into a variety of styles and color schemes. One option is to go for a saturated look, where you pair your red bed frame with other red furniture or wall decorations. On the other hand, if you're hoping for your red bed to add a pop of color, consider setting it against white walls and light-colored nightstands. For a more elegant look, you can also place it in an antique context next to paintings, porcelain or patterned wallpaper. This helps the red provide an accent to the other colors in the room.

What makes a bed red?

While buying a red bed frame is one approach to adding a splash of color to your space, you can also opt for pillows or sheets in red instead. Even the cover on your mattress can add the red effect you’re looking for. This can be accomplished no matter which mattress you choose, from firm mattresses to medium firm mattresses to soft mattresses or even waterproof mattresses.

A red bed offers extra storage options

If you're in need of extra storage, you can find many red beds that come with space-saving properties. They can easily gobble up all of your clutter with smart built-in solutions including spacious shelves or drawers. It’s a great feature if you want to make the most out of your bedroom space.

Red beds come in many materials and sizes

With a wide selection of sturdy red bed frames, you'll easily find a dashing piece of furniture and a comfy place to rest. Choose from a variety of materials, shapes and designs to match your interior style. Shop for an IKEA red bed today online or in-store. And if red is not your cup of tea, you can also browse beige bed frames, blue bed frames, brown bed frames, green bed frames, turquoise bed frames and more.