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Toddler toys

Goodbye, baby days! Hello, toddler time! Our toys for 18 month old little ones are designed for active learning and play, helping develop fine motor skills, logical thinking, concentration and more. Your child is going through a lot of physical and mental growth from 18-24 months, and our toys are designed to keep them entertained and nurture that growth every step of the play! Building blocks are often favorite toys for 2 year old children to strengthen their grip and grow their powers of pretend. Explore our toddler toys today for more fun tomorrow.

Classic toys for 18 month old children

A lot of things change quite a bit over time, but the best toys to help your child learn as they grow might look quite similar to the same toys you grew up with. That’s because traditional toys have stood the test of time, with modern versions featuring more vibrant colors and safer paint and materials. Some of our most popular 18 month learning toys include bead mazes and pull toys that not only look cute but are built to last.

Fun toys for 2 year old children

We can’t guarantee you won’t sometimes feel like your child is going through the ‘terrible twos,’ but our toys will do their best to help make this unique age more terrific than terrible! Our Montessori toys for 2 year olds include hammering toys and wire maze toys that will keep them entertained time and again, no flashing lights in sight. These toys are as fun to play with alone as they are to share, and are durable enough to withstand the real rigors of toddlerhood. 

Shopping for toddler toys shouldn’t feel like navigating a foreign and expensive land. For all that’s changed over time, kids are still kids! Encourage them to have fun learning by providing toys designed for their young minds. Each of our toys for 18 month olds and 2 year olds is crafted for that particular stage, with the added benefit that kids will continue to love playing with them as they grow up.