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The IKEA Assembly: Lidia Salazar (@everyday_home)

Lidia Salazar is a multi-platform content creator focused on producing home decor & lifestyle content that is both engaging and inspiring. Her content includes home decor tips, how-to videos and inspiring "before and after" transformations. She also shares lifestyle content from the perspective of a first-generation Latina. Lidia's goal is to inspire others to create the home of their dreams without feeling overwhelmed. 

How does your home reflect who you are and your identity?

“I love that my home reflects that I’m someone who likes balance in their life. I love a beautiful aesthetic but never at the expense of comfort. As a Latina, I love that although my home has a more contemporary aesthetic, I’m able to bring in traditional pieces from my culture that showcase I’m proud of my roots.” – Lidia Salazar 

If you were an IKEA product, which would you be and why?   

“I would be a FULLTALIG candlestick because I always want to bring light and warmth anywhere I go. Cheesy, I know!” – Lidia Salazar  

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