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College Under Bed Storage

Keeping your room tidy in a small college dorm room is important. Under bed storage helps you keep your room organized. IKEA under bed storage is perfect to organize extra clothes, books, and much more.  Under bed storage is perfect for college dorm rooms. You can organize your room by putting your clothes, books, shoes, and other items under the bed. This way, you have easy access to everything without having to search through a pile of clothes on the floor.

Maximize space with storage under dorm beds  

Want to keep your dorm room clutter free, but your floor plan says you’ll have limited closet space, let alone room for much shelving? Turn to dorm room storage ideas from IKEA such as under the bed storage to help you get the most out of any small space. Don’t let the space under your bed go to waste.  

Dorm underbed storage options  

Make having an out of the way storage space for any items college students need part of your college dorm room organization plan. Place all of your shoes in individual fabric shoe boxes under the bed where they’ll be within easy reach and protected. Use larger, zippable fabric clothes storage containers to keep seasonal clothes dust free and out of sight until it’s finally time for that big ski trip or Spring break. Large fabric storage cases can also be used to hold extra bedding or sweaters until the temperature drops. Find longer or flatter storage cases in various lengths and widths to take advantage of any amount of under the bed storage space. Use heavy duty plastic dorm under bed storage solutions with tight sealing lids to hold extra cereal, snacks and other food. These large storage boxes have hinges at the middle, so it’s easy to open from either side without pulling out the entire storage container.   

Frequently asked questions about dorm under the bed storage

What should I store under my bed in college?         

Place seasonal clothes, extra bedding or shelf stable foods out of the way with under the bed storage options at IKEA.

How do I get the most out of under bed storage?       

Maximize the space under the bed your bed with breathable fabric storage bins to hold jackets or seasonal clothes. Use tight closing plastic storage containers to hold nonperishables.

How much space is under a dorm bed?        

Most dorm beds are twin XLs with about 20” of clearance underneath with a total height of roughly 30” with the mattress.

How can I add storage under my bed?       

With fabric clothes storage bins and durable plastic storage containers from IKEA that offer a smart hidden storage solution.