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College Storage & Organization

It's no secret that the average dorm room is on the smaller side. Because of this, storage and organization are crucial in keeping the space as open and accessible as possible. IKEA has college storage and dorm room organizers to store all your belongings.

Conserve space with an organized dorm room 

Apply smart storage solutions to maximize space and stay organized in your dorm room so you can find what you need faster and reduce clutter.    Put everything in its right place with simple dorm room storage solutions from IKEA. Keep your school supplies neatly organized with compartmentalized desk organizers and letter trays. Free up more space for clothes with closet organization that helps you get ready for class (or a hot date) faster. Utilize under bed storage to tuck away seasonal clothes or extra bedding in fabric clothes storage containers. Store away snacks or dry goods in sealable plastic containers that can slide under the bed or fit on shelving.

How to get the most out of dorm room storage 

The great thing about IKEA dorm storage solutions is that they make it easier to move to and from campus in between semesters. Breathable clothes storage bins will keep your fall and winter clothes free of dust and fresh between school years. Tightly sealable plastic containers will keep school supplies and dry goods safely stored away and ready to be easily transferred back to your dorm with the start of the new semester. And find storage options that you can fold into a flat package and store away easily when not in use.

Frequently asked questions about college storage

How do I maximize my dorm storage? 

With dorm room storage ideas from IKEA that help you get the most out of any amount of floor space. Free up room with storage solutions that help you use space under the bed or that assist with closet organization. Find open storage containers for side tables that can double as makeup organizers or jewelry organizers. Place easy to retrieve storage bins on stackable shelving that you can add to as you need to display and store more books and personal belongings.

How do I store valuables in my dorm?  

Under the bed or deep within your wardrobe hidden storage is a great way to store valuables out of the way and out of sight. For extra security, place a lock box within storage containers placed under the bed or underneath closet organization storage units.