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College laundry & bathroom essentials

Make the inconvenient parts of college dorm or apartment living feel less like chores. Prepare for laundry and sharing a bathroom by securing products like a shower caddy, a laundry basket or hamper, bathroom decor and more at IKEA.

College Bathroom Essentials

Getting out there and making friends on your floor often comes with the caveat of having to leave your dorm to get to the bathroom. So, cover up with a comfy bathrobe that lets you express your style even on your way to the shower before an early morning lecture. Don’t forget comfy bathroom slippers and hair towel wraps that can really speak to your level of chill after a long day. And use a shower caddy to carry all your bathroom essentials down the hall with you. Be mindful of space and organization with suction cups that can keep your toiletries off dirty sink ledges and out of anyone else’s way.  

If you’re living in an off-campus apartment, you’ll need more than the bare minimum in college bathroom essentials. But the tradeoff is being able to put your take on college bathroom décor on display. Create a look by selecting colorful shower curtains, bath towels, shower mats and trash cans with simple or playful designs that you can pair with decorative wall art.

College Laundry Essentials 

You know how many credits you need to graduate, but do you know how many wash cycles it will take? Use a dorm laundry bag or laundry basket to help carry all your clothes to and from the laundry room throughout the semester. Use a dorm hamper to keep your room organized and your dirty socks away from the roomies. IKEA makes it easy for you with laundry baskets with stands that double as hampers. You can also choose a flexible dorm laundry basket with an open design or a zippable laundry bag that is more suited to moveouts or weekends trips home.   

For off-campus college apartments, you may just need a basket or bag to handle all your laundry needs. If your unit doesn’t have a washer and dryer, you’ll want a laundry basket or bag that doubles as a hamper and is easy to transport. Find laundry baskets with handles, a flexible frame or zippers that make the back and forth to and from the laundromat a lot much easier.   

Regardless of where you’re living, keep your delicates in tip-top shape with a foldable drying rack. Our racks can be used inside or outside (if you’re lucky enough to nab a spot with outdoor space) and can be folded down for easy storage.

Frequently asked questions about college laundry and college bathroom essentials

How to do laundry in college?

Find a day and time that works for you that doesn’t overlap with peak usage for everyone else. Empty your hamper and sort your clothes before taking them down the hall or to the laundromat. Once you hit start on the appropriate cycle, set a timer on your phone so no one else has to move your clothes out of a washer or dryer.

What kind of shower caddy is best for college?

Choose a tiered wall shelf unit or deep shower caddy with suction cups to hold all your shower needs. If you don’t have much ledge space around your shower, combine several shower caddies to enhance the space you do have.