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College Kitchen Essentials

A college kitchen doesn't need to be restricted to plasticware and plates older than you. Stock up on college kitchen essentials at IKEA, where you can find everything you need to prepare a spaghetti and meatball dinner for affordable prices. From measuring spoons to cutting boards to knife sets to pots and pans, and even dorm microwaves and mini fridges, you’ll find everything you need at IKEA.

College apartment kitchen essentials 

Getting to cook in your first college apartment with a kitchen does not have to be daunting. It’s also a great way to save money (for your summer abroad) and eat better than at the dining hall. Don’t know how to dice vegetables or roast a chicken? No problem. Grow your love for cooking at college by creating great meals for yourself and your friends. Just turn to online cooking videos after you’ve stocked up on all the college kitchen essentials you need to wow your roommates.   Get must haves for any college kitchen including knives, mixing bowls, chopping boards and anything else you need to prep and cook a meal or dessert. Round out a college kitchen starter set with affordable plates, silverware and serving dishes to help you impress friends and deepen relationships at college.

Dorm kitchen essentials 

Feed your hunger during study session breaks or when late-night snack cravings hit with dorm kitchen essentials that will help you prep and serve easy meals or quick bites. Stock your dorm kitchen with silverware, bowls, plates, non-ceramic glassware and appliances for your dorm, where allowed.

Also load up on dorm food essentials from IKEA for when you are cramming for a test or just want something healthyish to munch on while bingeing a series with the roomies. And find dorm kitchen appliances that are designed to fit in small spaces and not get in the way. Want to do more than reheat takeout, but don’t have a stove? Add a safe and easy to use portable induction cooktop to cook meals or just heat a can of soup. Find knife sets, cutting boards and mixing bowls that can be easily stored away to help prep meals in tight dorm spaces.  These space saving dorm kitchen essentials can be game changing for your college experience. Make it easy to snack or enjoy a meal anytime with a dorm mini fridge and dorm microwave for storing and heating leftovers. Also use a mini fridge for dorms to hold produce and meat for cooking.

Frequently asked questions about college kitchen essentials

What are the must-have kitchen supplies for college students?

Serveware, plateware, cookware and utensils are kitchen essentials for anyone living on campus or off campus who wants the convenience of cooking for themselves and friends, let alone having better snacks during study sessions.

What kitchenware do I need for college?

IKEA has all the kitchenware you’ll need for college. From plates, bowls, cups and silverware to mixing bowls, knife sets, colanders and kitchen utensils. Find everything you need to cook, prep, store and reheat meals with college cooking essentials from IKEA.

Should I bring cookware to college?

Yes. Break out of the monotony of the dining hall or save money on a meal plan by diving into a love of cooking in your college apartment with a kitchen. Bring delicious brownies you baked to study sessions at the library or wow your friends with a big Sunday meal.

What kitchen supplies do I need for my dorm room?

Put together some dorm kitchen essentials to help you enjoy snacks, store and reheat leftovers or cook in even the tightest of spaces. Choose snack bag clips and sealable snack containers. Find a dorm mini fridge and microwave that fits your room. Select a safe, portable induction cooktop to heat simple meals or get creative with something more complex. Even find travel flatware and picnic baskets for eating lunch on the college green on sunny days.

How to store food in a dorm room?

Use convenient, under the bed plastic storage containers to store cereals, dry goods and other shelf stable dorm food essentials. Choose a necessary to have space-saving dorm mini ridge to store raw ingredients and leftovers.