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College Electronic Essentials

It can be difficult to understand what tech to bring to college. Luckily, IKEA has your back! We've curated a list of college electronic essentials that will help outfit your dorm or apartment. From air purifiers for dorm rooms to power strips for dorms; you'll find them at IKEA.

Must have electronics and gadgets for college students

Getting ready for college means having all the best dorm room electronics to help you study, stay connected, entertained and comfortable. Find all the tech to bring to college with IKEA.   

Given all the dorm tech you may accumulate, choose a power strip for safety. Besides making it easier to plug in multiple things at once, you can have the peace of mind that comes with surge protection. Keep your dorm room tidy with cable management that can prevent the hassle of cables creating a tangled obstacle for you and your roommates. You can also cut back on some cables with a wireless charger that frees up space while being able to charge a variety of smart devices.  

Breathe easier with an air purifier with a particle filter that clears the air of odors, pollen and pollutants such as germs, dust, smoke and chemicals. Choose portable Bluetooth speakers or double up on electronics in a tight space with a Bluetooth speaker lamp to listen to music or your favorite podcast.

Frequently asked questions about college tech essentials

What are the best dorm room electronics?

Dorm tech must haves include Bluetooth speakers for music and enhancing the sounds of your favorite shows. Grab a ring lamp with phone holder to perfectly light any video calls for class, chats with family and friends back home or to perfectly capture your next streaming video.

What are the must-have electronics for college students?

Some may want an air purifier to help filter out pollen in the Spring or just to cut down on dust particles any time of year. Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers can come in handy to keep items such a flyable drones, flashlights, portable speakers or cameras ready when you need them.