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College Dorm Lights

Don't be limited to the fluorescent overhead lights that most dorms and college apartments come with. Upgrade your dorm room lights with decorative lighting from IKEA. Our string lights for college dorms and apartments, come ready to hang inside, making it easy to get the college lighting you and your roommate’s desire.

College dorm lighting ideas 

Let’s face it, your dorm probably doesn’t have the best lighting for all occasions. When selecting dorm room lights, think of your lighting needs for different situations and times of day. Add a desk lamp to provide clarity for reading or working on detailed projects. For focused, yet soft lighting that is glare free, go with LED lights, perfect for mid-term and final exam study sessions. Go even further with dimmable LED lights that are great dorm lighting options that won’t bother your roommates, allowing you to read late at night. But not all dorm room lighting has to be about work and study. Change the vibe for parties with fairy lights or apply smart LED lighting that can be adjusted with your phone or voice commands to stay in bed when you’re done reading at night.

Choose activity specific dorm room lights Use different options in dorm room lighting for various moods and activities. Attach a bedside clip lamp to your baseboard to read at night. Set the mood around the walls or across the ceiling with fairy tale lights that can transform the atmosphere for hangouts with friends. Fairy lights also make for great lighting for college apartments with outdoor patios or balconies. Use floor lamps to illuminate dark corners and to give your eyes a break from overhead lights during long study sessions.

Frequently asked questions about dorm room lights

How do I hang lights in a dorm room?

Use stable hooks or wall fasteners to stretch string lights across your wall and around windows to provide an intimate, fun feel in college dorm lighting.

How do I hang Christmas lights in a dorm room?

Add festive lighting for college dorms with Christmas lights that you hang up with secure fasteners as with any string lights.

Can you have LED lights in dorm rooms?

Absolutely. The crisp, yet soft lighting of LED light bulbs is great for task lighting, without the glare of regular light bulbs. Find options in longer lasting, more energy efficient LED lights for dorm rooms at IKEA.

What's the best lighting for college dorms?

The best option in college dorm lights would have to be sharp, yet glare free LED lighting that is softer on the eyes for those long hours reading at your desk or in bed.