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College Desk Storage

The dorm room desk you're greeted by does not need to be the same desk you use for the year! Jazz up your study space with dorm desk organizers, decor, and accessories! Always know where your phone charger is by using a wireless charging pad. Personalize your space with IKEA's collection of cool desk accessories and dorm desk organizers. 

Eliminate desk clutter with dorm desk organizers  

Don’t let limited space stand in the way of being organized and productive. Get the most out of any dorm room with smart storage solutions from IKEA.  

Maximize usable space with a dorm desk organizer that helps college students use more of their desk and keep things neat with multiple compartments, letter trays or extendable storage trays. Choose a stylish desk shelf or dorm desk hutch to hold Bluetooth speakers, photos with friends, artwork and class textbooks. Choosing smart storage in desk organizers and shelving means finding things when you need it and having to clean up less since there’s a space for school supplies and your personal belongings.  

Cool desk accessories to personalize your space  

Get more enjoyment out of your smart phones and tablets with accessories designed to make using them even easier.   

Whether you’re a video streamer or just want to connect with friends and family five states away, an adjustable ring light and phone holder stand lets you line up the perfect angle and lighting for any video or selfie. Need a specific height and angle for watching a movie or reading at your desk without holding your phone or tablet? Choose tablet stands or mobile phone holders to keep things hands free. Get help keeping your dorm room organized and clean by making a wireless charger a must have in cool desk accessories. No need to hunt or deal with tangled cords. And add a touch of warmth to your dorm desk décor with desk pads that dampen sounds and provide comfort while protecting your desk from scratches.  

Frequently asked questions about college desk accessories      

How to increase desk storage?

With college desk accessories from IKEA, such as a student desk organizer that can add  space to any dorm desk. Find stackable letter trays and extendable storage boxes that help you stay organized while maximizing space.

How do you organize a college dorm desk?         

Start with a comfy desk pad that adds to your dorm desk décor while protecting your desk from scratches. Eliminate extra cords with a wireless phone and tablet charger. Watch movies or do video calls comfortably with a hands-free tablet or mobile phone holder. Keep all your pens and school supplies organized and easy to find with a desk organizer.           

How to manage cables/wires at a desk?         

You can dodge that dilemma by cutting down on wires and clutter by using one wireless charger for all your smart devices. But to deal with a lot of cables and wires, purchase cable management solutions like cable straps and sleeves to keep all your cords organized and out of sight.  

What size is the average dorm room desk?

The average college dorm desk is 30” tall and 42” wide, with a depth of 20” to fit in a smaller space.               

Do dorm desks come with a shelf?

Some do and some don’t. If you need one, find a dorm desk bookshelf or dorm desk hutch at IKEA that helps you stay organized and maximize space.