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Co-worker stories - Arun Issar

We encourage you to follow your passions, try new roles or keep growing in a position you love. Explore just a few of our co-worker stories and you’ll see that each journey is unique and rewarding. What will your IKEA journey be?

Siluettes of IKEA products representing different workareas
Siluettes of IKEA products representing different workareas
Image of Arun Issar

Arun Issar

Financial Controller, Finance

Silhouette of an IKEA product representing work area Finance

How did you get started in IKEA and what have you done so far?

I joined IKEA in the United Kingdom as the Accounting Manager in the year 2000. It was my first proper job and I worked hard and had fun for six great years. But then I decided to leave for a job that paid more, thinking I would see how the ‘real’ world worked. I quickly realised that I missed IKEA. It came down to three things. Products: IKEA has great products and everyone has a story about their IKEA experience. Philosophy: very few companies live, breathe and stand behind their values as IKEA does. People: at all levels of the organisation, from top down, there are role models who are genuine and inspirational.

I jumped at the chance to re-join IKEA in 2014, working for the Finance team here in Southeast Asia. When I walked through the doors on my first day back, I felt like I was back at home.

What is a typical day on the job for you?

No day is the same. That’s what I love. We operate in three countries - Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand - and there is always something to do. Whilst covering the normal daily assignments, we also look at how we can develop, improve and future-proof the way we work to support the business as it executes an exciting expansion plan.

What are the most inspiring responsibilities or tasks you have in your current role?

It’s all about the Team and how we can engage with each other in a smarter, unified and cohesive way. Seeing how people have stretched themselves and had the confidence to actually take decisions based on the courage of their own convictions is hugely rewarding and satisfying. It provides a great platform from where we can launch our growth agenda and empowers us to feel that we can all make a difference.

What is your favourite aspect of the IKEA culture and values?

The way we work is not for everyone, but I have always felt that I have been allowed to be myself. You are encouraged to be an individual. We can challenge the status quo and are trusted to make decisions. That creates an environment where you feel you can make an impact.

Advice for people thinking of applying for a role in your department?

If you showed aptitude, an appetite to work hard and ability to get things done, then you will get noticed. We are a lean organisation and constantly on a journey to find the talent that can take us to the next level. So, when the opportunity arises there is every chance of progression and development not only within Southeast Asia but anywhere within the IKEA world.