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Sweet dreams are made of comfort

Bedroom with a grey cot, a white cradle, a dark grey divan bed, a dark blue pouffe, a round mirror and white wall lamps.

Ensure that every member of the family gets a good night's sleep – here's how to create a bedroom that goes all in when it comes to comfort, cosiness and cuddles.

A white SOLGUL cradle by a bedroom window and a dark grey divan bed with grey/striped bed textiles and a dark yellow blanket.

Make bedtime cosy for both you and your child – place the cradle next to the bed so you can lie down while gently rocking your baby to sleep.

LEN nursing pillow makes meals cosier and safer for your baby, and a soft headboard or some extra cushions in bed provide you with comfortable back support.

A white changing table with grey open boxes on its shelves. Beside is a window with dark grey plant pots on the window sill.

GULLIVER has open shelves that make changing diapers as quiet as can be (no slamming doors when the family is asleep), and you can always keep one hand on the baby thanks to lidless storage boxes.

A grey cot that is made with blue/white striped bed textiles. A white canopy is mounted on the wall above the cot.

Give your child a cosy cot to sleep in – GULSPARV quilt cover and pillowcase and RÖDHAKE fitted sheet are made from 100% cotton that only gets softer with every wash, and GONATT cot has drawers with room for all the favourite books.

The little ones love to sneak up in bed at night. Make it safe by attaching corner bumpers on the sharp edges of your furniture.

Create a really dark and cosy bedroom atmosphere with both a block-out roller blind and room darkening curtains. MAJGULL also helps to keep out draughts in the winter and heat in the summer, which enhances the comfort even more.