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SOLGLIMTAR Limited Collection

    Make the home ready for the New Year

    Chinese New Year or Spring Festival means good food, beautiful, expressive decorations and long-awaited time with family and friends. It’s very Chinese, traditional and festive. So, is there anything a Swedish home furnishing company can offer to make this time of the year even better?

    “With the SOLGLIMTAR collection we wanted to match this classic Chinese celebration with IKEA home furnishing knowledge”, says Christos Stefanoudakis. Together with his colleague Miranda Zhang, he has developed a large part of the SOLGLIMTAR collection.

    “A collaboration where East meets West, and that makes it possible to celebrate Spring Festival with an IKEA twist”, says Miranda.

    Everything under one roof

    Before the New Year, homes are cleaned and decorated to invite happiness and prosperity.

    “The SOLGLIMTAR collection has something for every part of the celebration. From ornaments that welcome guests at the door to products that give a festive feeling to the meals and the time together”, says Miranda.

    “Many of them can be bought as flat packages. It makes them easier to bring home or fit in your bag if you are travelling.”

    A good start that lasts all year

    The product patterns are based on traditional Chinese imagery.

    “They reflect wishes for the coming year. All meanings may not be obvious at first glance but are revealed over time. By using Chinese symbols in unexpected ways, we want to add extra playfulness to the celebration,” says Christos.

    “Many of the products are designed to be used all year round. It gives them a longer life and you can match the collection with things you already have at home. A fresh start that lasts all year”, says Miranda.

    Available now in stores and online