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The open airy agency

A business office space filled with plants on top of IKEA BEKANT black mesh shelving units and BEKANT black sit stand desks.

Even a suit and tie company can create a liberating, eco-friendly environment. Here’s how we designed an agency workspace and brought plants into the office to create a vibrant work life.

This office means business when it comes to creating a sustainable workplace. These smooth linoleum worktops are crafted from natural materials like linseeds, limestones and pine tree rosin.

IKEA BEKANT black office shelving unit used as a divider, with paper reminders attached to its magnetic mesh door.

Shelving units make great cubicle dividers – and free-standing storage makes the workspace feel less cramped. These metal units are magnetic too, making it a multifunctional moodboard for posting reminders, ideas and sketches. Top each surface with a succulent or two for a lively touch.

IKEA GLATTIS gold serving trays with a collection of potted succulents, on top of a black storage unit.

Feel green in your workplace. Plants in an office provide a lush, refreshing feeling, and can even help purify the air. A combination of earthy coloured pots and gold bring a bit of bling to this office.

IKEA FOTO pendant lamps, hanging plants and VEDBO sloped blue chairs in a waiting area.

Welcome clients and candidates into a lofty lounge space. A combination of hanging plants and pendant lamps at different heights can help create a cosy and playful atmosphere.

IKEA ODGER bowl-shaped black chairs and LISABO black rectangular dining table in an open break eating area.

Say hello to an eco-friendly break area: these chairs are made out of renewable wood and recycled plastic. Keeping an airy, open break area can encourage conversations and collaborations.